Fortnite: How To Get Into Bot Lobbies

Fortnite: How To Get Into Bot Lobbies

Fortnite: How To Get Into Bot Lobbies

Fortnite: How To Get Into Bot Lobbies


Fornite can be a challenging game. Not even SBM will help some players compete with players of equal skill. Bot lobbies can be a great solution.

Since the beginning of Chapter 2, AI opponents have become a staple of Fortnite. They are a mere way to fill up lobby space. These opponents, called “bots”, build little and attack even less. This is exactly the reason they were created: so that you could find matches faster and easier by not having to play against 99 players with similar skills.

Here’s what you need to do to join bot lobbies in Fortnite Chapter 4.

Fortnite Bot Lobbies Step-By-Step Guide

It is very easy to get into the bot lobby in Fortnite, whether you are using Zero Build or Standard BR. However, there will be a bit more work at first:

You will need Two different Fortnite devices and Two Epic Games accounts. You should connect a Level 1 Account to the second device you will not be using. This account must have no XP earned or matches completed. Register for an Epic Games account by clicking here. Sign in to that account from your second device.
Add your second account to your main account and invite it to the party.
When they are in your group, click Manage, and then Make Party Leader.
Start the duos game, and when you have 15 seconds remaining, exit as another account. It prevents the other account from gaining XP or leveling up.

If all goes well, then you will be in a Bot Lobby and should be able to gain some easy XP. As everyone’s initial match will be against AI, you’ll face AI opponents. You’re technically playing the match of the account that was the leader.

We strongly advise against using the current method being promoted on YouTube, which asks that you create an account that someone else has created and that appears to be constantly generated. This will probably be in violation of Epic ToS.

Why do people make bot lobbies?

Why People Make Bot Lobbies In Fortnite? It’s all about playing a game of Fortnite with minimal effort.

There are many players who can be frustrating, especially if they’re sitting in Creative mode all day.

Bot lobbies allow players to explore the world map, find easter eggs, and win without having to focus on it. This is a good way to complete all of your quests/challenges and increase your Battle Pass level without having to fight other players.

Epic is aware that this behavior is “illegal”, and Epic is not doing anything to stop it. Epic is well aware of the problem and Epic isn’t going to do anything. It’s fine.

Fortnite: How To Get Into Bot Lobbies
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