Destiny Season of the Deep Known Bugs list

Destiny Season of the Deep Known Bugs list

Destiny Season of the Deep Known Bugs list

Destiny Season of the Deep Known Bugs list


Bungie has identified some issues and bugs that will be present in the Season of the Deep, which is available today for Destiny 2. Bungie Help Twitter has listed the bugs that are currently in Season of the Deep.

  • Some subtitles are not displayed during the Season of the Deep cinematic opening.
  • Names of the “Electric Armor”, “Amped Up”, and “Amped Up Artifact” mods have been switched. The mods are still functional based on the descriptions.
  • According to the description of the Cenotaph Mask Warlock exotic head, the priority target will be activated when a boss is damaged. The effect is also active when minibosses and vehicles are damaged.
  • The Unfinished Business quest must be completed on Neomuna for the player to unlock this new quest, the Strand Aspects as well as a Legendary Weapon.

The most notable point is the last one, which states that the Unfinished Business mission on Neomuna must be completed by players in order to unlock the new Strand Aspects. It’s not clear if Bungie is simply signaling this because it isn’t stated explicitly in the game, or if it is an unintended glitch. It seems that players looking to unlock the new Aspects will need to complete this quest first.

Season of the Deep also has another issue, but whether or not it’s a bug is up for debate. Destiny 2 is still unavailable for maintenance as of the time this article was written, even though it’s supposed to be launched at 1 PM Eastern Time. It’s not a new thing, the game suffered from unexpected downtime during the Season of Defiance. Bungie announced in a TWAB recently that they would bring the game offline to perform expected maintenance during weekly resets starting in the Season of the Deep. We’ll be seeing if this helps the server problems in Destiny 2 moving forward.

So far, we’ve only found a few bugs in Destiny 2. Season of the Deep. Running into a different bug? Tell us about it in the comments.

Destiny Season of the Deep Known Bugs list
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