Ankora Lost Days Download for Android & IOS
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Ankora Lost Days Download for Android & IOS


Ankora Lost Days Download for Android & IOS


Overview Ankora Lost Days:

Explore and craft your way to the wild planet Ankora in this survival adventure for one player. This story is about growing up, making friendships and connecting with the natural world. Mun, a Junior Ranger for the Interstellar Patrol, is left stranded on Ankora’s unexplored planet Ankora following her spaceship crasmusthave to create her tools to gather the resources she needs to complete her adventure. She will also need to overcome many obstacles, including rivers, lakes and waterfalls, mountains, monsters, and even volcanoes. Ankora is an enormous place. Explore this mysterious planet full of promise and danger.

You can create different tools, build structures, or terraform your new home in the wilderness. The hammer can be used to construct structures, and the shovel to modify and dig the terrain. You can also use the bow to defend yourself! Discover a variety of biomes, from deserts to meadows and snowy mountains. Each one is full of secrets. Level up with every action. To improve your survival chances, learn new skills and recipes. Studio Ghibli films such as Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind inspired these visuals. Modern setting in a fantasy world. Spacefaring exploration Mun is a new experience for Mun, long before Deiland: Pocket Planet or Summer in Mara.

Ankora Lost Days Pre-Installed:

Extreme temperatures are ordinary in Ankora, so be prepared for rain, cold, and heat. The nights can be long and dangerous. But don’t despair! She and her friends surround Mun, so all is well. Ankora: Lost Days is compatible with a keyboard but was initially intended for a gamepad. Later, we added keyboard and mouse support. We will continue to study the possibilities of making it more user-friendly in the future.

First, I was confused and thought this was a farming-themed game. It’s adorable, well-made, and has a map with coordinates and a portable teleporter (a mobile teleport able). It can be used to warp between certain warp zones at all times. The graphics are vibrant, and the music is good. I have been able to figure out what I need to do for now. This is a big deal because I often get lost in my house. The price is also perfect. Recommended.

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How To Install

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1:: Download the Game
2:: Extract the Game
3:: Launch The Game
4:: Have Fun 🙂


Ankora Lost Days Download for Android & IOS




Ankora Lost Days Download for Android & IOS
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