Saint Kotar

Saint Kotar PC Version Game Free Download

Saint Kotar PC Version Game Free Download

Overview of Saint Kotar

This story-and-choice-driven psychological horror detective game puts you in the shoes of Benedek or Nikolay, two troubled godly men who are on a quest to find their missing relative in an ancient God-devoted village called Sveti Kotar. An unknown presence is seen here, preying on the weak and encouraging witchcraft and devil worship. Your missing relative may have been involved in horrific murders or the occult.

But what is the truth? Is it possible that you are also responsible for the events? Are you able to piece together the puzzle and discover the truth behind the centuries-old horror of the town? Is madness your destiny? Find out the truth behind the mysterious involvement of your relative in the town’s strange and disturbing rituals. Switch between the two realities to discover the shocking secrets. Be careful. Your choices could affect the story and gameplay.

Saint Kotar Pre-Installed:

Religious fanatism, madness, a dark forest full of crows, lots of dialogue (mostly click-through-it-all, but a few times with story-changing choices), but not many puzzles, a dark story, optional side-quests… You can die, but you usually start again from an autosave a few seconds before. Surprise, the game did not save in a dead end. I broke no matter what I tried. I could only continue by loading an older save. Update: This has been fixed in patch 1.0.3. There are many options for achievements and solutions to puzzles, and the game can branch out with different results. I ended the game with 18/42 cheavos, and my ending was… Perhaps I shouldn’t have been lying so much.

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Saint Kotar PC Version Game Free Download

Saint Kotar PC Version Game Free Download
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