Meet Your Maker is SnapMap's Spiritual Successor

Meet Your Maker is SnapMap’s Spiritual Successor

Meet Your Maker is SnapMap's Spiritual Successor

Meet Your Maker is SnapMap’s Spiritual Successor

SnapMap was one of the most overlooked features in DOOM (2016). This allowed players to create levels and experiences within DOOM that could be shared with other players. Although it was an extremely robust system that allowed many users to learn its intricacies, it has been lost forever, much like the multiplayer component of DOOM Eternal. A new competitor could carry on SnapMap’s legacy.

Meet Your Maker, an asynchronous builder/raider multiplayer FPS, was announced today at Behaviour Beyond. It’s due for release on PC and PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X & S. Behaviour is no stranger to innovative PvP strategies, as they have worked on Dead by Daylight. But Meet Your Maker feels more like the spiritual successor to DOOM’s amazing SnapMap feature.

Meet Your Maker places players in the shoes and shoes of The Custodian in a post-apocalyptic world. Your task is to protect and feed the Chimera, which lives off genetic material. It was created to stop the apocalypse. To obtain genetic material, however, you must rescue it from the bodies or steal it from another person’s outpost.

Meeting Your Maker is split into two halves. Most players will stick to the Raiding side. The gameplay is similar to other movement shooters, with players able to customize their load-outs before they tackle an outpost equipped with various weapons. Side strafe at the speed and agility of Usain Bolt. If you want to get close up, there are many enemies and a grappling hook.

Behaviour admits that Meet Your Maker is a difficult game. The one-hit kill gameplay and the number of traps you have to place in your outpost will make it challenging for players. Behaviour wants the game to be a “die-retry-and-overcome” loop that allows players to quickly restart and gain knowledge, allowing them to succeed even if they get killed first. You can bring a friend to play 2 player co-op. However, Behaviour thinks co-op might be more challenging due to the chaotic enemy placements and traps.

The real attraction of Meet Your Maker is its creative aspect. Players can create their outposts, either solo or in cooperative play, and then share them with other players around the globe. Or just within your community, if you are a streamer, content creator, or simply among others. Players can populate their outposts to catch their opponents out by creating enemies, traps, and other geometry.

You can make traps invisible or bouncy by using holocubes. Additionally, you can make guard paths and patrols to protect your AI. The level design is more complex than simply placing some level blocks and turrets on the table and calling it good. But that might not be the best way to go.

The best thing about the outpost system is that replays of previous attempts at your outpost can be viewed. You can see which players have succeeded and failed, and you can then repeat the process accordingly. Raiders have the right to destroy an outpost, but Builders ddon’tneed to worry about fixing it after every invader. This means that you can make your outpost more deadly.

A multiplayer game like Meet Your Maker could have a problem if builders can make RRaiders’levels impossible. However, Creative Director Ash Pannell stated that there would be rules to prevent impossible levels from happening during a preview session. Each level must have an accessible path that allows players to access the genetic material, get out, and then get back in. Pannell says that there will be a reporting function. However, it will primarily be used to address inappropriate content.

You must not use hate speech at your levels, or you will be told.

One problem for those who want to build only is that it will be more difficult to find the resources and materials you need without having to complete levels. While failures at your outpost may earn you rewards, it appears that you will need to play additional levels to make sure you have enough tools. It could be difficult for some to enjoy Meet Your MMaker’sshooting aspect. However, it shouldn’t be too hard for those interested in both.

If Meet Your Maker sounds interesting and you want to try it out, sign-ups are now open for the closed beta testing. Signing up for the test is not guaranteed a spot. However, those who are accepted can play the game starting August 23rd 2022. you’ll be able to play the game for around 2 months. You can expect seasonal leaderboards, post-launch content, new weapons, and level tiles to the game once it launches.

Although a console Luddite like myself will have to wait till 2023 to see Meet Your Maker, the displayed parts look like they could be one unique multiplayer game next year. IIt’sdifficult to deny that its DNA is a result of an underappreciated feature from DOOM (2016).

Meet Your Maker is SnapMap’s Spiritual Successor
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