Vanguard Cheater shows Hacks and Still Loses

Vanguard Cheater shows Hacks and Still Loses

Vanguard Cheater shows Hacks and Still Loses

Vanguard Cheater shows Hacks and Still Loses.

There is much frustration in the competitive community due to the recent rise of cheaters within Vanguard.

Players continue to jump into Season 3 of Ranked Play to get their fix of fast-paced action. Aspiring pros often take their skills to GameBattles to show their worth on the ladders.

Banned the second-best Ranked Play player in Season 2. It seems that some don’t learn from their mistakes. A streamer showed their hacks and still lost despite seeing their opponents through the walls during a GameBattles match.

GameBattles Bans Vanguard Player

A streamer referred to as “BBluring” was competing in a tournament on May 3. He was running all over Demyansk in search of his enemy.

The player activated the cheats after receiving information from their teammate. They attempt to kill the enemy with a pistol, but they fail spectacularly.

The hacker claimed they didn’t expect their opponent to be there, even more bizarrely. BBluring lost the match despite cheating throughout the match.

GameBattles informed the winning team that a permanent ban had been placed on them shortly after. This prevents them from participating in any matches on the platform, much to the delight and amusement of other participants in the tournament.

Vanguard is seeing an increase in cheating. The Ricochet anti-cheat kernel driver has been activated to stop the problem from spiralling out of control. Cheaters do not prosper in competitive Call of Duty, especially when they cannot access GameBattles matches.

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Vanguard Cheater shows Hacks and Still Loses
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