Apex Legends Players Talk Heirloom Shard Buyers' Remorse

Apex Legends Players Talk Heirloom Shard Buyers’ Remorse

Apex Legends Players Talk Heirloom Shard Buyers’ Remorse

Video games can be as stressful as real-life purchases, especially if you don’t have a lot of money.

It’s not enough to take a million GTA online test drives before spending the money. You also need to spend hours staring at skins to determine if they will fit your style.

However, some Apex Legends players have shared that sometimes it is just plain wrong.

Apex Legends Players Talk Heirloom Buyers’ Remorse

Midstate seems to have experienced this. He started the thread by asking if anyone else felt the buyer’s regret about the legend on which they had spent their heirloom shards.

Some other users also shared their regrettable investment stories, including RockingKrish364, which said: “I bought a lifeline one-two weeks before she was badly neurofed. ToxicAtomKai said,,, that Pathfinder “looks like crap in the first person, and they’re kinda silly in general.”

These stories were not universally shared, as many players reported their happiness with heirloom purchases in various legends.

PersonThing13, for example, replied: “Nope, Mirage’s heirlooms are awesome, and I haven’t stopped playing him ever since launch”. Midstate responded that they have never seen Mirage with an in-game heirloom despite being repeatedly killed by the legend.

YourBoy420, on the other hand, shared that Mirage’s heirloom was regrettable, and they wished they had opted for Octane instead.

This is in addition to the fact that many players didn’t have access to shards yet. This could harm their investment chances. A similar situation applies to legends of choice players who don’t have an heirloom.

Some said they waited patiently for the right item to strike their fancy and finally make a big purchase.

Stay tuned for more information on Season13 of Apex Legends. It is expected to start next week.

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