Skyrim Mod Offers Wholesome Deer Follower

Skyrim Mod Offers Wholesome Deer Follower

Skyrim Mod Offers Wholesome Deer Follower

Skyrim Mod Offers Wholesome Deer Follower

Mulixman33’s new mod will give your Skyrim experience a Disney-style sweetness or utter horror.

This mod is called ” T’zereon-Deer Follower” and adds a follower to the game. Ass you would expect, the follower is a deer/human hybrid who will be with you on your adventures.

T’zereon is armed with a bow and adopts a ranger fighting style. He keeps enemies at bay while shooting down arrows.

Skyrim Mod Adds Deer Follower

A few other unique traits are also found in the deer archer, including refusing to wear heavy armor (we don’t know why), and using an extraordinary power when you’re struggling.

The mod’s description explains that “Nature’s Cry” will be used to temporarily increase the player’s swing speed while simultaneously causing fear in the player or his allies. This happens every 2 minutes.

T’zereon can be found at the Barb Inn in Riften. This mod is Mulixman33’s very first. They welcome any feedback or suggestions.

Future plans for the mod include the possibility of the deer receiving modified or custom dialogue, a custom set of armour, bows, and headdresses or the implementation potential bonuses to him following you, such as picking ingredients, making useful potion, and so on.

The only problem with the mod at the moment is the clipping of helmets. This could be due to the majestic antlers. However, if this doesn’t bother your mind, you can either fire up mod manager or manually install it.

Give it a shot. Here’s the latest information on The Elder Scrolls 6. Keep following us for the latest Skyrim news.

Skyrim Mod Offers Wholesome Deer Follower
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