The controversial Pokemon GO April Community Day by Niantic

The controversial Pokemon GO April Community Day by Niantic

The controversial Pokemon GO April Community Day by Niantic

The controversial Pokemon GO April Community Day by Niantic

This is a huge one. Niantic’s announcement of April 2022’s Pokemon GO Community Day has upset people again, but there is some good news.

One, a new Pokemon joins the PoGO dex. This has not happened since the beginning of the monthly, species-specific Pokemon GO Community Day. This was likely a decision to ease the second Community Day announcement blow. It’s now down to three hours.

April Community Day – Stufful makes its Pokemon GO debut.

Let’s start with the good news. Stufful, a Generation VII Alolan Pokemon, is the Pokemon in the spotlight on April’s Community Day. It will make its debut on Community Day. Stufful is being released because it is an Alolan Pokemon still missing from the mobile game. Most of these Pokemon will be available between March and June 2022 as part of the season of Alola.

This is fantastic news. Since the beginning of the event, a new Pokemon has not been the main focus of a Community Day. Long-term players often get a lot of [Community Day Pokemon] in boxes, Willow’s lab, or out in the pastures. (Or wherever you believe Pokemon GO after being transferred to Professor Willow. Depending on which rare variant is available, you may find one or more shiny Pokemon. Instead, everyone will arrive at April’s Community Day in the same place, with no Stufful or Stufful Candy, and excited for this new Pokemon to appear on their screens. This is why the next part of this story is so unexpected.

The April Pokemon GO Community Day lasts just three hours.

They’ve gone back in time with this one. Niantic extended the monthly Community Day’s duration from three to six hours during the global pandemic. It was one of several changes made to Trainers locked down. However, I don’t recall the reason. They’re not using this as a reason to slow down the time. Research has shown that only 5% stay on the job for more than three hours during Community Days. Many people believe they are missing the point.

Although Trainers may not spend the entire six hours out and about, they love its variety, especially if they work weekends. Many will be disappointed that the event is limited to three hours. To evolve Stufful, you will need 400 Candies. This makes it even more absurd. Even if players can only get out for a short lunch break, they will still need to catch 67 Stufful (34 of which are Pinap Berries) to evolve one. The double Catch Candy bonus that day made this possible. However, it is still a lot less than it could be.

What is the evolution of Stufful?

We still look forward to Stufful’s Community Day, despite all that. Stufful, a cute Pokemon, is a franchise fan may recall fondly from the Sun & Moon video games or the Sun & Moon anime. Its evolution, Bewear plays a significant role in the game.

Stufful, also known as the Flailing Pokemon, is a fluffy Normal-type and Fighting-type. Although not a very strong Pokemon, Stufful can evolve once into the strong Bewear. This is also a Normal or Fighting-type. The Strong Arm Pokemon Bewear is a strong attacker and defence Pokemon. According to the Pokemon Sword Pokedex entry, it could even shatter your bones with one of its friendly hugs.

Additional Pokemon GO Community Day Bonuses

We have already mentioned a double Catch Candy bonus for April’s Community Day. This is likely to compensate for the 400 Candies required to transform Stufful into Bewear. With a Pinap Berry, you can earn 12 Stufful Candies for each encounter.

Catch XP will be tripled for players, meaning you can level up faster during April Community Day, especially if you use Lucky Eggs at the right times.

Other bonuses

  • You have twice the chance to receive Stufful XL Candy as a catches
  • The event will be three hours long, with the activation of lure modules during the event.
  • The event lasts for three hours, with incense activation.
  • Additional Stufful will be available in photos during the event
  • You can make one additional Special Trade during the event or up to two hours afterwards
  • Stardust will charge 50% less for trades that are made within the event and two hours afterwards

Group Play Bonuses

April’s Community Day has a new bonus. Players must collaborate to unlock XP bonuses. Players catch Pokemon using a Lure. The bonus XP will be increased to four times the amount if enough Pokemon are captured from the Lure within a 30-minute time period.

There will also be the Community Day Box in the in-game shop for those with enough Pokecoins. Also, new Stufful-themed stickers are available from Pokestops.

April Pokemon GO Community Day Research Story – Strong Stuff

A Community Day-themed Research Story will be available to play during the event. Tickets must be purchased. You can access the Special Research for $1 or your local equivalent. During this time, you’ll be able to encounter additional Stufful, which may have the potential to be shiny, as well as other rewards.

What is Pokemon GO’s April Community Day?”

The Stufful Community Day takes place Saturday, April 23rd, 2022, between 2 and 5 p.m. local time.

Phew! It’s not much, but it’s enough. We hope that you can attend April’s Community Day. At least, we hope you earn enough Candies so that your Bewear is possible. Pinap Berries will be even more important than ever. While you wait to see Stufful and Bewear make their Pokemon GO debuts, remember the Fomantis and Lurantis who are making their debut in the Pokemon GO Lush Jungle event.

The controversial Pokemon GO April Community Day by Niantic
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