Atomic Hearts Trailer & Release Date

Atomic Hearts Trailer & Release Date

Atomic Hearts Trailer & Release Date

Atomic Hearts Trailer & Release Date

Atomic Hearts is a first-person RPG that featured an open world developed by Mundfish, an independent Russian developer. The team describes the game as an action-packed, first-person shooter in the alternate, retro-future 1950s USSR.

This trailer shows glimpses of gameplay and the game’s stunning visuals. It looks amazing, with all the particles and effects of shooting and enemies’ animations and abilities cast using your left hand.

Atomic Hearts will be released between September 2022 and December 2022. The trailer ended with the year the game was released. 202 was displayed on the screen for a while before it disappeared. The year 2022 was thus confirmed. This is amazing, but they later revealed a smaller window with a cryptic star and the month’s ending.

They displayed “********BER” messages below the year of release. This message suggests that the game will be released in the month ending in “BER,” which is the last four months of the year. It is still a large window, but it is a pleasant surprise, in addition to the fact the game is coming out this year.

Atomic Hearts will be available on PC via Steam and PS4, PS5, Xbox One X/S, and Xbox Series X/S. You can also get it in the Game Pass subscription. You can wishlist this game right now on Steam!

It also sounds familiar. Mick Gordon, responsible for Doom and Doom Eternal’s iconic music, created the soundtrack to this game.

Atomic Hearts Trailer & Release Date
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