Resident Evil:Verse Release Date and Trailer

Resident Evil:Verse Release Date and Trailer

Resident Evil:Verse Release Date and Trailer

Resident Evil: Verse Release Date and Trailer

Resident Evil Re-Verse, an online third-person brawler, looks much more like it will be popular and successful than the other Resi online game. It’ll feature 6-player deathmatches featuring famous characters from the series. The winner will be the most passionate fan with outstanding skills and prove that their favourite character is the best.

Resident Evil: Verse Release Date

In January 2021, the game was announced with a trailer that showed off some of its free-for-all deathmatch gameplay. Many fans were worried that this multiplayer title would make Resident Evil Village a less enjoyable experience. It seems that this is not the case.

Although the initial reveal did not mention a date, it was assumed that it would be out around the same time as Village owners who received it as a free add-on. We don’t know a firm release date for Resident Evil Re-Verse at this time, but the Steam page gives us a simple 2020 release window.

Resident Evil: Verse Trailer

We were able to get a good look at the gameplay from the first trailer. This 6-player deathmatch is free for all. Each player controls one of the human characters from the series. Each player must travel through different maps to find the other characters and eliminate them all to make sure you are the last one standing.

One exciting thing about the game is that they seem to transform into a bioweapon after being taken out. This is not clear at the moment. It could be that the character who dies first gets the bioweapon to cancel the prize. However, we won’t be able to win the game until then.

Resident Evil:Verse Release Date and Trailer
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