It's hard to keep playing Halo Infinite when the Master Chief Collection is available.

It’s hard to keep playing Halo Infinite when the Master Chief Collection is available.

It's hard to keep playing Halo Infinite when the Master Chief Collection is available.

It’s hard to keep playing Halo Infinite when the Master Chief Collection is available.

Halo Infinite was a huge deal. It had been six years since the last Halo multiplayer game. S on day one, with cross-play between all platforms. Yet, I don’t find it compelling to play anymore as there is already a rich Halo experience on all these platforms.

S consoles. How could this collection of old games be compared to the new Infinite elements? It’s because the MCC serves as a constant reminder of how much is missing from Halo Infinite.

The State of Halo infinite

Halo Infinite was a highly anticipated multiplayer experience of 2021. It launched with far fewer bugs than other games. But that doesn’t mean it was all Moa meat and hoorahs. Except for the controversial battle pass, which is highly controversial, and the expensive armour store that the community cannot use at the moment, there are many features common to multiplayer games that are either missing or too broken to be used by the community.

One example was the Big Team Battle match type. This mode was much more popular than the traditional 4v4 match types. However, countries like Australia had a lot of problems connecting to games. These problems have become more severe and affect people from other countries, such as the UK and the US.

There are many other match modes, such as Quick Play, Tactical Slayer and Slayer. These modes are not as flexible as Slayer and, in the case of Quick Play, offer a grab bag with a variety of modes the player doesn’t have control over. If you wish to have full access to the squad, there is no way to play the objective. You don’t have a veto system that will allow you to control matchmaking and help you decide between a Slayer match or an Oddball round.

343 Industries was honest about certain features. They admitted that Forge would not be available to players on the first day but would have access to Custom Games. This should have been enough to give players an idea of the community’s possibilities with custom tools.

Connecting with friends can prove to be more difficult than it is worth. Custom Game settings offer players very limited options, even compared with Halo 2 and 3.

The State of Halo infinite Game Trailer

Match types like Infection, King of the Hill and Infinite’s new mode Elimination, which has an achievement associated with them, are not available. These modes are not yet officially available in the game, so there are no options. Also, we don’t have the same control over weapon spawns and vehicle spawns as in previous Halo titles.

Okay, it’s fine. We know that it will evolve over time because it is a live-service game. I can enjoy grinding the BP, and work on my skills, but that’s a lot harder than it seems. Halo Infinite currently doesn’t allow you to keep track of your personal stats.

Third-party websites like Halotracker are helping to pick up the slack. However, it is extremely disappointing that neither Halo Waypoint or Halo Infinite track statistics or have a record of service like previous entries in this series or other AAA multiplayer competitors.

A widespread cheating scene exists in both social and ranking playlists. This has caused many to be frustrated online due to forced cross-platform playing. Hackers are able to see through walls and take impossible shots across maps. Halo was made free to play by potential gamers and hackers.

It’s cool to be able to grip around a map, and then hear the announcer call “no scope” when your Skewer shot is successful. But it’s not enough for me to want to play more than one match. This could be partly because I am able to play Halo games that have all the features I expect from modern FPS multiplayer games.


Why is the Halo MCC still relevant?

In 2014, Halo: Master Chief Collection was released. 343i immediately fell out of favor due to many features that were not available at release. There were many issues, from cross-game multiplayer playlists to server connection and hit detection. The MCC has seen many bug fixes and enhancements over its lifetime, including the addition of Halo 3: ODST and Halo Reach.

The overall user interface was updated and allows for more customized matchmaking. You can choose which match types you want to search for, what games to include and what size match to search under.

This is a stark contrast to the 343 matchmaking philosophy in Infinite where you can only select a few similar match types. MCC allows you to choose your preference, which is a vast improvement over Infinite. Fans who have grown accustomed to this user-friendly experience may feel a little bit of whiplash when they switch to Infinite.

MCC offers many match types, including Action Sack, Grifball and Fiesta. This game is much easier to lose yourself in than it used to be, thanks to all the work 343 has done. It’s finally something we can enjoy to the extent that few could have imagined back in 2014.

MCC is at a different stage of its life than Infinite. That’s OK. The original launch was meant to be a celebration of the series’ roots, which were riddled by bugs. It evolved into something much bigger over time. After 343 returned to the game in 2017, everything would change.

The matchmaking system for each game has been enhanced, new modes have been added and cross-platform play was made possible between Xbox and PC. For Halo: Combat Evolved, customizable options were added for Reach, Halo 3, 4 and Reach.

It can be hard to believe that there have been so many changes to the MCC, and that Infinite has made so few, that you might wonder “what the heck?”. There are many reasons to play Infinite and the MCC, and it’s also the new Halo.


There is no shortage of halo

S and Xbox One and almost all of them on PC. I have many supported options and can play Halo if I want it. Rarely are there so many games that can be supported by a franchise. Halo 3, a 2007 title, still receives new content from the MCC. It includes customizable armor pieces and a map. This was just fall 2021. Long-time players don’t have the incentive to play games that are less user-focused.

The core of Halo Infinite is something I enjoy. It is a solid foundation. But the small things add up and Infinite makes it easy to overlook them. Sometimes it can feel like you’re playing a shell game. You might argue that people want Halo regardless of how they play it. However, there are better ways to experience Halo on all these platforms.

If I start Infinite and get kicked out of lobbies or win a match, I realize that there is no incentive to win them as they aren’t tracked. It’s difficult to find reasons to play the game over other iterations.

You can have a similar experience in multiplayer games like Halo MCC, but with more features and a better server connection. I am almost back where I was before Infinite launched. I still play MCC and its older maps, and I wait for the new Halo update.

This is particularly frustrating as 343 are not strangers to such a launch. Halo: The Master Chief Collection launched with many playlists that didn’t work, Halo 5 and Guardians had a lot of content missing at launch, including Forge. Now Infinite has both.

Many began to see 343 as a community that listens to its members and puts their best foot forward, thanks to the MCC’s recent improvements. It’s possible that they have learned from their MCC failures.

Regular content updates on the MCC were a huge incentive to people to return and work more into their season passes, and to play the new additions to these classic games. It seems that 343 wants to recreate the exact experience with Infinite.

They can lure people in with promises of new content and keep them coming back for more. Instead of creating an experience that people expect from a modern multiplayer Halo, they launch with very limited modes and options. Infinite’s poor matchmaking is more indicative of bad industry practices than of a passionate team who have full control over their product. Infinite was not a believer in the MCC, but it was a story of redemption.

You feel like you are an early adopter by playing Halo Infinite. This means you are willing to take a lower-quality experience in the hope that you will be rewarded with significant upgrades in the future. I don’t want to be in that group, but I will return if Infinite gives me an incentive to pick it over the MCC.

It’s hard to keep playing Halo Infinite when the Master Chief Collection is available.
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