Pokémon Masters EX 100 million Gem giveaway

Pokémon Masters EX 100 million Gem giveaway

Pokémon Masters EX 100 million Gem giveaway

Pokémon Masters EX 100 million Gem giveaway

The New Year’s Celebration Event for Pokemon Masters EX includes a massive Gem Giveaway, a story event, and New Year-inspired Sync Pairs.

Dena is celebrating the New Year with an amazing giveaway of Pokemon Masters EX gems. Gems can be used for deals and scouting.

Pokemon Masters EX: Free Gem Giveaway

The Pokemon Masters EXNew Years Gem Present event is now live. If you log in by January 7 at 9:59 pm, PST/12.59 am EST/05.59 GMT, and you will be entered into a draw for a chance to win between 300-60,000 Gems.


The prize pool is as below: Five players win the huge first prize of 60,000 Gems, and all players are guaranteed some Gems.

60,000 Gems 5 winners
12,000 Gems 30 winners
6,000 Gems 100 winners
3000 Gems 1000 winners
1,000 Gems 10,000 winners
600 Gems There are 200,000 winners
300 Gems Everyone else!

How to get Pokemon Masters EX Gems for Free

No matter how many gems you win, they will be sent to the Present Box at 10 p.m. PST on January 12, 2022. They must be claimed by February 12. It may take some time for all prizes to be rolled out, so don’t panic if you don’t see yours immediately.

The Main Story Chapter 1: “The More a single player must complete the Merrier” to claim the prize. Scouts may not be eligible for the Gems as they will be Non-Paid Gems.

New Sync Pair styles at Pokemon Masters EX

Paid-for gems now have exclusive New Year’s 2022 Sync Pairs. You can now purchase the New Year’s 2022 Volkner, Electivire or the New Year’s 2020 Sabrina/Chingling. The Sync Pairs are only available until January 24, 2022. Pokemon Masters Volkner (and Electivire) can paralyze their opponents 30% of the time. The skills of Sabrina, Chingling Sync and Electivire, who can paralyze opponents, are Condition Shield. This prevents their team from being affected by Status effects. Volkner would not like that.

Pokemon Masters new Sync Pairs

The announcement of the Pokemon Masters EX New Years Event has brought another Sync pair to the game. The Zynga Suit Cynthia & Giratina are now available. Morso, this new sync pair can be played in the Galactic Nightmare event. This event will take place in Sinnoh. It features Team Galactic’s schemes against Cynthia and their deeds. You can also get the Sonia Spotlight Scout pair of Sonia & Yammer Pokemon Syncs, which are support heal type sync pairs.


Pokémon Masters EX 100 million Gem giveaway
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