Is PUBG down? When will it be back and what’s wrong with the servers?

Is PUBG down? When will it be back and what’s wrong with the servers?

Is PUBG down? When will it be back and what’s wrong with the servers?

Is PUBG down? When will it be back, and what’s wrong with the servers?


PUBG update Xbox

The update will be coming to the Xbox at the same time as the PC so the downtime is expected to be the same across the board.

Is PUBG Free-to-play?

It is now, or at least it will be once this massive update is complete as the game transitions to a free-to-play model. Up until now, PUBG has been a paid-for game that has always been a bit of an outlier in this space. Developers Krafton is hoping that this switch will provide the game with a new lease of a life and introduce it to a brand new player base.

Krafton commented: “Hello, Survivors. PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS has advanced to share its unique Battle Royale experience with a broader audience through various platforms.

We have some serious downtime in motion on the PUBG / PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds servers, with the game vanishing offline for some 38 hours for maintenance. Let’s find out what exactly is going on at Krafton and when we can expect to get back in and play once more. Kraton made a huge announcement in December, and you can check that out here.

Is PUBG Down?

Yes, indeed it is, and for an extended time too. The Test Server will be down for the same duration as the live server as the game transitions to the new free-to-play version. The game will be down on all formats – console and PC- simultaneously (hopefully).

When will PUBG be back online?

Krafton has said the maintenance would be much longer than usual, and the gamer will be down for around two days. The servers are scheduled to go back live again on January 12.

Live & Test Servers will undergo maintenance for approximately 38 hours as the game transitions to F2P, starting January 10 10 AM PST/January 10 7 PM CET/January 11 3 AM KST.

There is no end date for the maintenance, but if all goes to plan, we reckon we will be back in-game by the end of the 12th; fingers are crossed. We will keep you up to date with any developments here, so keep checking back.

“Now with our free-to-play transition, we want to further expand our community, provide faster matchmaking, and the opportunity to meet more opponents. After the transition free-to-play, BATTLEGROUNDS Plus account is added, and all players who have owned and played PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS before the free-to-play service transition will automatically receive the PUBG – SPECIAL COMMEMORATIVE PACK.”

What’s new in PUBG / PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds?

You can check out our article on the highlights of the new patch right here, so you are fully prepared

“We look forward to sharing our unique Battle Royale experience with more survivors. For details on the free play service transition, please check the Free-to-Play Announcement.

“Please note that the maintenance time may take longer than usual, as we will be updating each platform’s store and distributing rewards to our existing players.”

The move is unlikely to appeal to all existing players, many of whom have spent good money on the game, and the potential of an influx of Fortnite “kiddies” coming on board will not fill them with glee. It will be interesting to see how things pan out in the coming days.


Is PUBG down? When will it be back and what’s wrong with the servers?
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