Destiny 2 Zephyr Guide: Zephyr God Roll and How to Get It
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Destiny 2 Zephyr Guide: Zephyr God Roll and How to Get It

Destiny 2 Zephyr Guide: Zephyr God Roll and How to Get It

Destiny 2 Zephyr Guide: Zephyr God Roll and How to Get It


The Dawning returns to Destiny2 again! There are many rewards to be had and a quest line you must complete, but your primary focus will be on baking delicious treats for NPCs. This will allow you to complete two quests and earn guns like the Cold Front submachine gun and Glacioclasm Fusion rifle. Today we will focus on the latest weapon. Here’s how you can get the Zephyr Stasis blade and what the god rolls look like:

How to Get the Zephyr

The Dawning event is, unsurprisingly, directly linked to the Zephyr. This means that you won’t get this weapon after the event ends on January 4. The sword can be obtained by opening legendary Dawning packs, which are handed out by vendors when they receive their particular treat. You cannot give Candy Dead Ghosts or Spiders to Zavala. You are not guaranteed to receive a legendary package if you give someone a baked good. You can bring 5 Dawning Spirit and a Gift in Return to Eva to increase your loot to buy the Edgy Gift Exchange. This will guarantee either the Zephyr or Cold Front.

Focus on mastering your oven so that you can reduce the amount of Essence of Dawning required. This will save you time and help you bake more than once. Then, you can focus on baking lots of baked goods and selling them to vendors. The new Dares of Eternity are perfect for farming ingredients if you don’t have a Shadow Thrall checkpoint.

Zephyr God Rolls

Zephyr PVE God Roll

  • Jagged Edge
  • Balanced Guard
  • Unrelenting Strikes
  • Cold Steel

You only need one roll when it comes to Zephyr. Jagged Edge, which will increase your weapon’s damage by +10 to its Impact, is the best choice. It does reduce our ammo reserves, but this sword will be used primarily to trigger various Stasis fragments and the Focusing Lens mod. Balanced Guard is my choice for the guard slot. This perk isn’t great in any one area, but it does provide a nice bonus across multiple states, making it a more reliable weapon.

Relentless Strikes are our primary perks. It will give us sword ammo if we hit three light attacks consecutively. This is a great option for swords, as you can use the light attacks to defeat rank-and-file opponents. You can also choose Tireless Blade, which will refund ammo if an enemy is killed with a powered sword strike. Relentless Strikes does not award ammo for killing foes, so I wouldn’t say I like the fact that you have to kill an enemy to activate this ability. The Cold Steel perk is a must-have. This perk slows down enemies who are hit with a powered blade attack. It also triggers many different Stasis abilities, including the Focusing Lens mod.

Destiny 2 Zephyr Guide: Zephyr God Roll and How to Get It
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