PUBG Mobile's latest player-made skin looks a little sloppy
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PUBG Mobile’s latest player-made skin looks a little sloppy

PUBG Mobile's latest player-made skin looks a little sloppy

PUBG Mobile’s latest player-made skin looks a little sloppy


In the second half of November, PUBG Mobile released two new skins: the Violet Blossom Suit sets and the Foxy Suit sets. These premium offerings were created by Siham Bouyerbou, Atlanta De Guzman and are a welcome addition to a game that is cluttered with hundreds of cosmetics and millions of possible clothing combinations. While some have already proclaimed the Foxy Suit to be the most beautiful skin, others have said it isn’t as attractive as they claimed.

You can find a lot of promotional material on PUBG mobile. Cyber Week is presumably the game’s Black Friday sale. The Foxy Suit (and possibly the best) and Violet Blossom skins are prominently featured. However, the former is much more challenging to get. The Foxy Suit can be essentially tried out by sitting behind a cache container at the end of a series of daily quests.

You can wear the entire outfit for three days or a whole week if you complete the quests. This is enough to make this adorable suit PUBG mobile’s new mascot. Many fox people are ready to fight it out in Erangel and elsewhere, so forget about PUBG Man.

It’s not all positive news. The Foxy Suit may not be as charismatic in person as it appears in the photos. The game’s best skin, created by a player, doesn’t look quite the same in real life as the promotional shots. People are starting to notice.

You’ll find a few confused furry fans disgruntled by the tweet that praises the new skins and their creators if you tap into it. Ironically, the Foxy Suit’s ears are not as tall as the photos show. This is ironic coming from someone who goes by the screenname Fox358. The actual in-game equivalent of mischievous vixen borders a tiny Scottish Fold cat. This is not necessarily a bad thing. This is another skin I would love to be able to pull for. It is disappointing to see someone’s contest-winning creative endeavor poorly translated into the game.

We do know who the creator is, but at the time, PUBG mobile believed that the word “Hypnospace,” while it was the name of an award-winning Indie game, wasn’t the only thing that made the title memorable. It just so happened that Jay Tholen’s Hypnospace Outsidelaw was the one who translated the Golden Diva skin name. They decided to name the skin after the similarity. Jay expressed concern about his game being associated with Mobile’s divisive loot boxes via Twitter. Although Jay was warned it wouldn’t get a reply, his tweet became so popular that the localization team changed the name.

Although it’s not the same, it would be interesting to know if Siham Bouyerbou was happy with the way their art was treated in the Mobile team. There is nothing worse than losing an art contest. We reached out to the artist in order to learn their feelings.

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PUBG Mobile’s latest player-made skin looks a little sloppy
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