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Cross-play in Halo Infinite

Cross-play in Halo Infinite

Cross-play in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite‘s Multiplayer launched earlier than expected thanks to Xbox Game Studios, 343 Industries, and this means that hundreds of thousands of players could be engaging in Spartan-on-Spartan violence right as you read this. We know you are interested in how you can participate, so we will let you know how matchmaking works in Halo Infinite and whether there is cross-play.

This is everything you need about Halo Infinite’s cross-play.

Does Halo Infinite Have Cross-Play?

S, and even cross-progression tied to your Microsoft account, meaning you can start playing on one platform, then pick up your Battle Pass progression where you left off on another.

Not really. Cross-play is not an option in Halo Infinite. You can play with PC players, regardless of whether you want it or not. You can go into your Xbox settings and disable matching with other platforms. This is the traditional solution, but it’s not working according to Reddit reports.

What is Cross-Play Matchmaking?

At the time of writing Halo Infinite offers three types of PvP matchmaking – Quick Play, Big Team Battle, and Ranked Play. You can’t customize Quick Play or Big Team Battle so you will have to match people from other platforms, regardless of what inputs they use (keyboard and controller vs mouse).

You have two options for Ranked Play: Open or Solo/Duo. Open will give you no control over the inputs against which you are matched, while Solo/Duo allows you to choose whether you want to be matched with keyboard, mouse, or controller players. Open and Solo/Duo are different rankings. This means that you have three options to determine your skill level.

Cross-play in Halo Infinite
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