PUBG Mobile Player Weigh in on PUBG's New State
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PUBG Mobile Player Weigh in on PUBG’s New State

PUBG Mobile Player Weigh in on PUBG's New State

PUBG Mobile Player Weigh in on PUBG’s New State

While many battle royale titles have been created since PUBG launched the genre craze in the first place, PUBG Mobile is still the most popular on the global stage. It was also the most popular game. Many players anticipated today would be the end of its reign with PUBG NY, a “next-generation” game featuring a different development team. What’s the situation now? They aren’t so sure.

PUBG New State was launched today, November 11th, just shy of one year since started to leak. The next generation of PUBG Mobile is expected to be a global success after months of hype and beta testing. It’s obvious that PUBGMobile players have grown tired of the game’s microtransactions, unsolvable cheater infestation, and other issues. If the Reddit community’s opinions are any indication, it’s not as certain that the new game will be the light at the end the long tunnel they had envisioned when it was first revealed.

Fans flocked to after the New State‘s first-day of general release. A post by Reddit user MuhammadxHusayn entitled “You will cry over new game.” It was the game’s many server problems, wonky graphics on iPhones and inability to run on certain devices other than the ones listed in the minimum specs. Or how it feels in motion. Many users commented that they had already installed, played and uninstalled their favorite mobile game.

“The way trees render is so horrible. It is a 2D tree that you cut until it becomes close to the end, and then it becomes 3D. This is very bad. It is also very loud. One user commented that it felt like they were playing in a Cowboy ghost village. Many iPad Pro users commented on the low resolution rendering, which makes the game look pixelated on their larger screens. Apple’s prosumer tablet is a long-favorite PUBG Mobile device. This is due to its stability, size and high frame rates.

There were also complaints about the lack of accessibility options in the game. New State includes some new additions to Mobile — like the over-the shoulder toggle that was added earlier in the year — but it lacks the colorblind options that its predecessor added last years. Its omission makes it difficult to pick out targets in the game’s environment for the eight per cent of males (and 0.5% of females) who have an ocular disability.

Although it’s not yet a final deal, it is well-known that the launch of a game is its most important event. Although it does not necessarily translate to free games, most paid titles make the majority of their lifetime sales within the first few days. This suggests that the greater percentage of people who will ever give it a try is the ones who do.

New State’s impressive pre-registration numbers are one thing. However, it is safe to assume that most PUBG mobile players were open for the possibility of a successor. Some people are now convinced that the issues with the old game may not be as bad as they thought. Tencent’s mobile battle royale has a lot of celebrations, giveaways and other activities that will continue until the beginning of next year. Its faithful fans might be willing to give it the benefit. PUBG New State does not have Metro Royale.

PUBG Mobile Player Weigh in on PUBG’s New State
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