The Best Guns in Battlefield-2042 - Tier List

The Best Guns in Battlefield-2042 – Tier List

The Best Guns in Battlefield-2042 - Tier List

The Best Guns in Battlefield-2042 – Tier List


Battlefield 2042 offers a wide range of weapons to its players. Not all guns are equal. We have compiled our thoughts about the best Battlefield 2204 guns after the Battlefield 2204 open beta.

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Things will change a lot once the meta is settled! This page will be kept up-to-date and available for full release. We also provide loadout guides for all guns, including throwables, secondaries, and attachments.

Top Tier


The LCMG is our favorite weapon in Battlefield 2042. The LCMG is powerful and can even challenge snipers from a distance.

If you’re looking for more information, check out our guide to the best HTMLMG loadout. We go into great detail there.


At close range, the K30 is a beast. The K30’s insane fire rate and low damage are reminiscent of the Vector. The K30’s time-to kill potential is incredible.

A handy guide has been created that will show you how to load the best K30.

High Tier


The M5A3 assault rifle is the best for Battlefield 2042. The M5A3 is a versatile assault rifle that has decent power and range. It is the gun to choose if you are unsure what to do.

For more information on the gun, take a look at the best HTML5A3 loadout page. It’s also a lot of fun to use!


The AK-24 is a powerful weapon that has a unique niche. If you have the right loadout and play your cards well, you can make it utterly destroy LMG-users.

You can find more information in our selection for the best AK24 loading – this should help you plan your build!


The PBX-45, which is slightly more mobile than the K30 but still has the same capabilities, is a good, bog-standard SMG. Bog-standard SMGs can be extremely useful in Battlefield 2042’s open beta. This weapon can be used if you avoid long-range combat.

You can also visit our page on the best loadouts for PBX-45. You know you want to.

Mid Tier


Although the DM7 can be used, it is not as reliable as other weapons. The DM7 is primarily for range but when your LCMG can kill foes far away, its potential market is limited. We’ll wait to see if it makes the meta like the Warzone DMR.

You can find more best DM7 loadout guides right here on Gfinity if you are hungry!


The SWS-10 is your first sniper rifle in Battlefield 2042 open Beta. It has many of the same issues as the DM7. It is not reliable. You can still one-shot your enemies with a headshot. If you feel confident enough, you should give it a try. It is a little annoying. If you miss or get a body shot, you will be clearly identified (with the huge sniper glow) and you’ll melt.

You can maximize your sniping abilities by looking at our best HTML10 loadout. This includes the throwables and secondaryaries.

Low Tier


The MCS-880 is an unusual gun. We haven’t yet found a use for the MCS-880 shotgun. However, you can increase its range by using buckshot rather than buckshot. It is not able to handle LMGs and ARs, and can’t keep up with close-up SMGs if you miss every shot.

All Full Release Battlefield 2042 Weapons

This page contains all Battlefield2042 weapons that have been confirmed for full release on November 19, 2018. This list will be kept up-to-date and we’ll update it as soon as we learn more. This list is combined with the Plus menu to customize your weapons while on the move and the specialists Battlefield 2204 will provide a wealth of information to help you perfect your build in battle.

Battlefield is now available, Danger Zone has been revealed, and it’s time to rumble!

We are now close to release and have a solid list for Battlefield 2042 weapons. This list contains 22 weapons, but there will be many more as we add to and update the Battle Pass.

All Battlefield 2042 guns

These are the 22 Battlefield 2042 guns as they appear on the Battlefield Portal weapon editors pre-release. Although fans are concerned about the limited number of weapons available, it is possible that this will allow us to play with more variety and provide a healthier meta for Battlefield 2042.

Assault Rifles

  • AK-24
  • M5A3
  • AC-42

Bolt-Action Rifles

  • DXR-1
  • NTW-50
  • SWS-10


  • SVK
  • VCAR
  • DM7


  • PKP-BP
  • LCMG

The Best Guns in Battlefield-2042 – Tier List
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