Halo Wars 2 Free Download For PC

Halo Wars 2 Free Download For PC

Halo Wars 2 Free Download For PC

Halo Wars 2 Free Download For PC


Halo Wars 2 PC Game Full Version Download

There are many computer games. You will need to search a bit harder if you want to find quality games. You don’t need to look for too long, as we are here to assist you. Halo Wars 2 is a great game. This strategy game takes place in real time. You will be following the Spirit of Fire crew to build the Halo rings, and then try to manage them. The game is about how well they can accomplish it. There is much more to this game. Continue reading to learn more.

What’s Halo Wars 2 all about?

Microsoft Studios published Halo Wars 2 and released it on Windows and Xbox One. This is the sequel to Halo Wars 2009, and it is part of the popular Halo franchise. The game is set in 2559, as it is part of the Halo universe. The installation of the rings is interrupted by a conflict between the Banished alien team and UNSC assigned forces. This dispute relates to who will control the Ark.

You will understand the game better if you have played Halo Wars. The powerful UNSC crew, or United Nations Space Command warship, entered into cryosleep and drifted slowly into uncharted space. While they were sleeping, there was an ongoing war between the Covenant, an alien alliance and humanity. The war ended when Spirit of Fire was declared dead, along with all the crew. We know the ship is functioning well with its crew. However, the AI on the ship, Serina, has ended her life.

The alien race known to be Banished invade the Ark crew as soon as they wake up from their cryonic sleep. It is capable of installing the Halo rings. The warlord Atriox is the leader of this race. It is believed that they were created after the covenant was destroyed. Atriox is the commander of the army, while Decimus and Volir serve as the generals and shipmasters.


Strategy is the key to winning this science-fiction game. Here, players can command armies from a birds-eye perspective that allows them to see the whole battlefield. It’s easy to strategize. Before we go any further, you should know that you can choose between two factions: the UNSC and the Banished. Both factions can be played. After you have chosen the faction you wish to play, you can set up your operation base. You will be able to construct your barracks and a vehicle depot in your operation base to deploy infantry and vehicles.

You will use the supply pad to collect supplies. Once the battlefield is exhausted, you will be able deploy units to build buildings. After you have constructed the buildings, you must power them. You can do this by using the generator or extractor building. You will be able upgrade your base buildings to unlock passive bonuses and access to higher-tier units.


Fog will greet you as you enter the battlefield. You will need to choose the units you want to engage in combat on the battlefield. Combat here is like a game with rock-paper-scissors but it’s more balanced. Ground vehicles should not be used against infantry. The infantry is more effective against aircraft than the aircraft, and vice versa. Each unit has a unique ability that is compatible with regular attack units. Spartan supersoldiers can take over vehicles and launch a complete smash attack from the air. You will be able build additional bases if you win more battles. You will need to win battles to control different areas.


This game has many exciting and interesting features. These features are what make the Halo franchise so fascinating. These features include:

  • Different modes

There are many modes to choose from in the game. In the campaign mode, players can control UNSC forces against alien Banished in battles. You will also be able to correctly control the Banished forces in the battle against the parasitic alien forms known simply as the flood.

  • Many missions

You will be able to complete 12 missions if you play the main campaign. These missions can be completed either individually or together. You will need to defend bases, capture points or survive the enemy hoarded. You may even be asked to lead the Spartan units around the central map.

  • Side missions

Side missions are available if you’re playing in campaign mode. Side missions include ensuring that units survive in quests, destroying extra bases and more. You will need to complete the task within a given time frame.

  • Leaders

Both UNSC and Banished will work. Each one comes with a specific unit. The playing style and character of the leader will determine which player chooses. Leaders have abilities that can be upgraded and activated while you are fighting. You will need to use your power and resources to upgrade skills. You will need to cool it down before activating it again. These powers include the ability to carpet bomb large areas, heal groups of people, and deploy special troops.

Halo War 2 is an excellent combat game. You will need to plan your strategy by looking at the available weapons and resources. Next, you’ll need to get into combat to take control of more areas. The game is over once you defeat your enemy. It’s not easy, but it is enjoyable.

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Halo Wars 2 Free Download For PC



Halo Wars 2 Free Download For PC
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