Is The Mandalorian set to play a new game?

Is The Mandalorian set to play a new game?

Is The Mandalorian set to play a new game?

Is The Mandalorian set to play a new game?

There is speculation that Disney and Lucasfilm Games will announce a Star Wars video game “debut” this December. The consensus among the internet is that it could be the arrival of a highly-anticipated game about the Mandalorian. It could be different, though it is possible that it will not. However, with Lucasfilms 50th Anniversary coming up at the end, it would be ideal for releasing a story such as this.

Is Mandalorian Game incoming?

Although rumors of a Mandalorian-themed game have circulated before, nobody has claimed that they are making one. However, considering the success of the TV series, it seems almost inevitable that one will come sooner than we think.

Many other titles could fit the bill, including Fallen Order and a remake for the PlayStation 5. As the internet continues to speculate about Disney’s plans in the next few months, it seems that nothing is off the table.

We’ve been stung before, so we will keep our powder dry if it turns into an announcement as well-received as Ghost Recon Frontline or the Diablo game on mobile that Blizzard was stunned to discover nobody wanted.

It is possible to exclude the announcement of Fallen Order 2 since that would not fit with the idea for a debut’. We don’t believe there will be a sequel to this film, although we know Disney is talking about it.

As we know, Knights of the Old Republic will be coming to PlayStation 5 (as was announced in September). So if this is just a tease of it, then that might not be what Star Wars fans would expect from a tease such as this. It must be The Mandalorian, right?

Or, at minimum, The Mandalorian Mobile. The future will be enjoyable. Watch this WePC-shaped space.



Is The Mandalorian set to play a new game?
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