War Thunder: The 10 Best Tanks In The Game, Ranked
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War Thunder: The 10 Best Tanks In The Game, Ranked

War Thunder: The 10 Best Tanks In The Game, Ranked

War Thunder: The 10 Best Tanks In The Game, Ranked

It May be Difficult to believe if you Are an FPS gamer, but Warfare also Exists in magnificent vehicular carnage where artificial metallic mass murder machines duke it out at an ultimate evaluation of technology, strategies, and much more. Such a facet of modern warfare doesn’t have superior representation in gambling than War Thunder.

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The free-to-play vehicular combat Simulators existed for quite some time now and has enjoyed its own market. Obviously, it would not be as powerful or as steady as it is right now with no impressive choice of tanks that need to create any tank fan drool. Which of these are worth your generous serving of salivation? Below are a few of the finest tanks in War Thunder.

10 Crusader MK.II

Now, if you are Aching for more freedom on your tanks, then the Crusader MK.II might only be an ideal option. It is a low-tier tank that comes at a free cost but does not let this put you off. The Crusader is a French tank that is not simple to place into the entry.

This one’s amazing at astonishing opponents due to its low elevation and quickness in the specialty. The Crusader can harass or frighten Enemy tanks, which are slower and divert targets while also dishing out it’s healthy serving of cubes. The main weapon is not that striking for kills though you’ll need to find resourceful.

9 T-50

It is not high-tier Nor anything you are able to brag about but a substantial part of War Thunder’s player base or even free-to-play gamers that are reluctant about spending anything about the sport. A number of them could just be starting out or do not have a lot of time to grind to get higher-tier tanks. If that’s the circumstance, the T-50 is a fantastic selection for people that are new-ish but nevertheless need the absolute most from the choice.

The T-50 is quickly and A complete pick for flanking enemies while some other beefier tanks soak up the gunfire and focus from the enemy that is also outmaneuvered with simplicity . This scout tank can also be perfect for something as large as BR two though at the point, do not expect to have as many kills.

8 Pz.Kpfw. VI Tiger Ausf. E

Tiger tanks were Feared in conflict back in WWII due to their superior firepower and armor, and background nuts will be delighted to understand that War Thunder keeps the Tiger’s historical merit. The Pz.Kpfw. VI Tiger Ausf. E or just Tiger E is a standard 3 or position III improved version of this Tiger H1.

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It is effective at Taking other tanks out with as few as one-hit supposing the BR is suitable. To get a heavy tank, the Tiger E’s freedom is surprisingly adequate and may even shrug off some glancing fire coming in the side. Lookout with this one about the area.

7 Form 90

The Form 90 Japanese Tank includes a B version, but besides the 10-millimeter plate in which a minefield roller could be attached, they are virtually identical. You can not go wrong with barring minefields. No matter Type 90 is an adequate all-purpose tank for its subsequent tiers or BR of War Thunder.

Like many tanks Who have adequate or exceptional freedom, Form 90 suffers from having a weak negative or back armor and largely makes up for it using an automatic 120-millimeter cannon and serviceable front armor. You may need to be cautious about your flanks, which makes Sort 90 players much more proficient.

6 T-80U

As a modern successor To the exceptionally inventive T-34 of the Soviets in WWII, the T-80U has all of the positive attributes of its granddaddy tank. Where it shines is its own unique armor because the sloped turret and front facade of this tank are all near-invincible.

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Coupled with the Low-stature along with the impressive freedom, the T-80U may be utilized to populate And ring enemy tanks in near engagements. The primary cannon is True enough for depositing at safe and considerable distances.

Challenger 2

Are you less of a frontline or flanker and more of a sniper? Then the Challenger 2 has something to offer for you. With the length of its main cannon, you could even mistake it for a howitzer or an artillery unit; aptly enough, the Challenger 2 can actually function more like a support o sniper tank.

This baby right here can rack up kill after kill quite easily and at a comfortable engaging distance due to its accurate main cannon that has a fast reload speed. You’re also less likely to get cornered by frustrated opponents because the Challenger 2 can retreat fast, and it also should as it doesn’t have the best armor.

4 CV 90120

Competing for the Challenger 2 when it comes to being one of the best sniper or support tanks in the game is the CV 90120. It was introduced in update 1.97 or nicknamed Viking Fury because the CV 90120 is a Swedish invention.

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Meanwhile, the tank’s main cannon performance is stellar and can easily dispatch targets from afar. Reload times are also excellent and competitive enough. It’s more of a mobile turret, however, as the armor on the CV 90120 is lacking and even borderline scarce. It does make up for it by being evasive with its mobility. Just avoid the frontlines.

3 Ariete PSO


One of the finest medium tanks introduced in the game, the Ariete PSO is a well-rounded combatant in the field with its formidable penetration. It can quickly shift from target to target in quick succession because of its scary firepower.

The best part is that there’s plenty of room for mistakes in the Ariete PSO, especially in the frontlines, as the armor can withstand up to 105mm APFSDS shells, and the turret can also take a beating. Where it lags behind is mobility.

2 ZTZ96A

When it comes to killing other tanks, the ZTZ96A can become relatively unmatched as it boasts one of the strongest kinds of ammunition in the game. The ZTZ96A also protects its assets well and has an impenetrable turret, so you can forget about shooting off its main gun when facing off against it.

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The protectiveness of its armor is also top-notch, making it an awesome frontline that can sustain fire and look after itself. Much like tanks that focus on being effective frontline, the ZTZ96A sacrifices some of its mobility.

1 M1A2 Abrams

Hailing from the US of A is perhaps the most well-rounded tank in the game for BR VII (more or less), the M1A2 Abrams. It harmonically marries all the aspects of tank engineering and has decent mobility, firepower, and armor.

Therefore, that makes the M1A2 Abrams a popular choice for any experienced player that’s still learning or wants an all-rounder. It does have its own weakness though, such as the vulnerable turret ring or the breach but even so, it’s better than most NATO tanks.

War Thunder: The 10 Best Tanks In The Game, Ranked
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