Minecraft: Tips For Surviving & Beating Hardcore World

Minecraft: Tips For Surviving & Beating Hardcore World

Minecraft: Tips For Surviving & Beating Hardcore World

Minecraft: Tips For Surviving & Beating Hardcore World

Surviving in a Hardcore world is just one of the greatest challenges in Minecraft. Within this mode, departure is irreversible, and the problem is secured on Hard. This makes everything out of venturing in the Nether, investigating caves during the night, and combating with the Ender Dragon a demanding and dangerous matter.

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There are a number of ways gamers may Mitigate a few of the dangers and increase their probability of success. With the ideal strategies, players may find themselves not just achieving but flourish in a mortal world. Here are the top tips for gamers that wish to handle and conquer the Hardcore challenge.
10 Act Instantly From The Ancient Days

First things first, Gamers will need to move quickly the moment they obtain consciousness in their new world. Nightfall is your first principal threat players will confront and just a day to get ready for it. There’s quite a bit that the player should get done, but it’s more than manageable when the participant acts fast.

Initially, players Will Have to follow a few steps:

  • Collect at least four logs.
  • Craft a Wooden Pickaxe.
  • Collect enough gems to get a Furnace and a complete set of rock tools.
  • Collect a heap of construction materials like Dirt, Wood, or Cobblestone.
  • Construct a basic, completely enclosed shelter.

Now the Participant has someplace they could hide from dangers at nighttime. Ideally, the participant is going to want to collect some meat from neighboring creatures alongside a furnace to cook it. The participant can elect to create charcoal using coal or wood if it is easily available. Now the participant is going to have shelter, weapons, food, and torches to keep them alive throughout the evening. Assembling a mattress is your priority because it permits skipping night, but not all biomes have Sheep.
9 Armor Up

Armor will shield The participant from each one the public kinds of harm that may lead to death. Everything from horse strikes to lava cubes can be mitigated by wearing the armor of any type. Because of this, it’s in the participant’s best interest to have a complete suite of the very best armor that they are able to afford constantly.

Starting out, there is Nothing wrong with having Leather, however, Iron ought to be a primary priority. A complete suit of enchanted Iron armor is that the bare minimum the participant will need when researching the Nether. However, for the Ender Dragon that the participant will need a complete pair of Diamond armor with numerous high flat or maxed out enchantments. It requires some time and significant funds but having the very best armor possible is essential to long-term success.

Fight With A Bow

The player will do the majority of their fighting at range with a bow. This keeps the player out of harms way as they can kite enemies and some threats like the Ender Dragon are easier to harm with a bow than a sword or axe.

Keeping this in mind players will want to get Sticks and String to build bows and to amass as many arrows as possible. This can be done with a Flint, Stick, and Feather but this requires having access to Gravel and Chickens. If this isn’t possible players can farm Skeletons but this can be risky. The safest method is trading villagers one Emerald for 16 arrows, but this can get expensive very quickly. It also requires having access to a Village or breeding Villagers which isn’t always an option.

This isn’t to say the player shouldn’t fight with a sword or shield. Swords can deflect fireballs and Shields can block incoming projectiles and other forms of damage. But when it comes time to go on the offensive the player will want to do so with bows and arrows whenever possible.

7 Eat Only The Best

Food is an essential component of survival and in the beginning players will need to eat whatever they can get their hands on. Even Rotten Flesh can be enough to keep starvation at bay and keep the player alive. But as time goes on the player will want to start stockpiling the best food they have access to and only consume that food.

The bests food choices are:

  • Steaks
  • Cooked Porkchops
  • Cooked Mutton
  • Golden Carrots

Golden Apples are also good for hunger and healing, but Apples are tough to come by quickly. Golden Carrots have a number of uses and are far easier to obtain than Golden Apples. But they do require quite a bit of gold and having Carrots to start the farm in the first place.

In most cases players will use the above meats depending on whether they have access to Cows, Pigs, or Sheep. Fundamentally there’s no difference between them and each will serve the player well. Getting an animal farm going and building it up to a large scale is key to long-term survival. This also means building up Wheat farms for Cows and Sheep or Carrots, Potatoes, or Beetroot for Pigs for large scale breeding.

6 Have A Stack Of Cobblestone

A great tool for surviving various scenarios is a stack of Cobblestone. When traveling the player can quickly use this material to craft an impromptu base if night starts falling. It can also be used for pillaring to get a lay of the land.

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In battle Cobblestone can be used to evade monsters by creating walls and barriers. Neither Ghast fireballs or Creeper explosion can break cobblestone. In fact the only mobs that can break Cobblestone are Charged Creepers which are rare and the Wither which is an optional enemy.

5 Fast Draw Water Buckets

Water Buckets are another handy tool for staying alive and mitigating problems. They can be dumped over Lava blocks to turn them into harmless Obsidian and can put out fires. With a little practice players can use Water Buckets to create small pools that can negate fall damage. This is handy when pillaring or getting knocked off a ledge, though creating a waterfall is much safer.

Water buckets can also be used in combat situations. It can be used to create currents that prevent mobs like Zombies or Creepers from getting too close. They’re also really effective at damaging and deterring Endermen.

4 Have Backups Of Everything

There’s nothing worse than being in battle with an enemy and having the only sword on hand break. It is strongly recommended that players create and hang onto backups of most items. Armor, weapons, and tools are perhaps the most important things that should have backups.

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This can mean anything from having a suit of Iron Armor if the Diamond breaks to a duplicate Diamond set with all the same enchantments. This issue is mitigated somewhat by having better enchantments, but the player should always have backup weapons and tools in their inventory.

3 Become A Master Alchemist

Alchemy is a major source of power for the player. With the right ingredients players can craft potions that achieve all kinds of effects.

  • Swiftness gives the player boosted movement speed that can help them run away.
  • Night Vision will let the player see in the dark.
  • Strength increases melee damage. Invisibility

While these and other potions are useful there are some that are far more effective in a Hardcore situation. These potions provide an added layer of protection or even healing to keep death at arm’s length.

  • Invisibility prevents mobs from detecting the player at a distance.
  • Slow Falling prevents fall damage.
  • Fire Resistance prevents fire and lava damage which is great in the Nether.
  • Healing is an instantaneous heal.
  • Regeneration provides healing over time.

Some potions do require ingredients from dangerous sources. The Potion of Regeneration requires Ghast Tears, but others like Swiftness only takes Sugar. In the end having a variety of potions is critical to surviving the various threats in the Minecraft world and for facing the Ender Dragon.

2 Master Enchanting

Similar to Potions, Enchantments are another way to greatly increase the player’s power. Enchantments are special effects applied to armor, tools, and weapons that are not consumed like potions. Here are the best ones for offensive use:

  • Knockback can push enemies back.
  • Power increases arrow damage.
  • Punch causes arrows to knockback.
  • Sharpness increases damage.

Effective defense Enchantments can be:

  • Blast Protection to resist explosions.
  • Feather Falling to prevent fall damage.
  • Fire Protection to resist fire and lava damage.
  • Protection to resist all forms of damage.

The best Enchantments the player will want to look out for are:

  • Infinity for infinite arrows.
  • Unbreaking to increase any item’s durability.
  • Mending to automatically repair items with experience gain.

It’s also important the player avoids Curse of Vanishing as it prevents the player from being able to remove the item ever in Hardcore. Binding can also be annoying, but it can be removed by breaking the item naturally.

Enchanting can be very expensive and requires quite a bit of experience grinding. Fortunately, there are plenty of low risk ways to obtain the items necessary to craft an enchanting table and gain experience. Getting the right enchantments does rely on quite a bit of RNG so players will need to be patient and have plenty of Sugar Cane and Leather on hand to craft Enchanted Books.

1 Avoid Unnecessary Risks

Perhaps the best tip players should take away when playing Hardcore is to avoid taking unnecessary risks. Players will often develop a cavalier attitude to death when playing the game on Normal. Some even utilize death as a quick means of transportation when exploring a new area or if they get lost. That same attitude will quickly lead to a game over if carried over into Hardcore mode.

Players should adopt a more calculated and cautious approach when doing any activity in this game. Mines should be well lit, players should have armor and weapons entering caves, heights should be avoided, and having the proper gear, enchantments, potions, and food is essential to fighting the Ender Dragon. The player should always assume the worst will happen and have a plan for when it does.

There’s no shame in running from fights or hiding out every time the sun sets. Even Hardcore veterans with years of experience can die to a Zombie Baby. It pays to take those extra few minutes to build scaffolding over cliffs or when building things. Spending a day to upgrade from Iron to Diamond before tackling a fortress in the Nether is a worthwhile investment if the player is even the least bit concerned.

Minecraft: Tips For Surviving & Beating Hardcore World
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