Which Class Should You Play in the Upcoming Outriders Demo?

Which Class Should You Play in the Upcoming Outriders Demo?

Which Class Should You Play in the Upcoming Outriders Demo?

Nearly eight years after its last original title, Gears of War: Judgment, People Can Fly is nearing the launch of its next major franchise, Outriders. This Action-RPG takes players to an alien world called Enoch, where humanity is looking for a mysterious signal to may prove to be its salvation, but instead find a massive energy storm known as the Anomaly. The expedition team sent into research is soon discover that the storm grants them superpowers, along with Enoch’s inhabitants, a few of which undermine the colonists currently trapped in the dangerous world.

Initially scheduled to launch together with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Collection X/S next-generation consoles, Outriders Has been pushed back multiple times since. The latest delay saw the match proceed from its current February 2 launch date in favour of April 1, 2021. While both month window may be disappointing, People Can Fly also announced that a playable demonstration would arrive on February 25, letting those who are interested in the experience try out the first few hours in both single-player and co-op.

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While People Can Fly has gone on record by confirming that Outriders is not a live service game like a number of its peers, such as Destiny two, comparisons continue to be created thanks to features like loot and power progression. Outriders Also have four entirely distinct classes that players may customize through skills, gear, and ability trees, which is on full screen this February inside the demonstration.


In the first Outriders Class shown in full by People Can Fly, the Trickster seems to be an intriguing combination between tank and untrue. Their abilities permit them to control space and time, meaning they’re adept at getting in for large damage and then quickly escaping if need be. Employing an ability like Borrowed Time may create a clone in the spot where the electricity was triggered, allowing them to use the ability again to teleport back into this location. Hunt The Prey allows the Trickster to teleport directly behind the enemy, and slow them and open them up to some high damage attack like Temporal Slice.

In addition to Hitting hard, the Trickster also quite a few abilities that better let them control the battle by shutting down specific enemies. For example, Slow Trap drops a bullet time bubble where enemies that walk through it are immediately slowed and make for easy prey. This is especially valuable for quick moving enemies or larger collections, giving the team a simple method to finish off them or permitting the Trickster to regain health much easier than normal. Getting in close is perfect as kills at close range cure the Trickster.


If the Trickster is much more akin to a rogue, then the Pyromancer is your mage course of this bunch. As its name suggests, the Pyromancer Is about fire And is especially good at dealing with large groups of enemies from medium range. Many of their charms feature area of impact damage, setting enemies up to either suffer burn damage or burst. Better yet, anytime a class ability is used on a enemy marks them with a green star. If the enemy has been killed with this indicate, the Pyromancer heals irrespective of where the final blow came from.

Heatwave may be The bread and butter skill for your Pyromancer, sending a flame wall shooting out at enemies and tripping anything caught in its path. It is a great skill for not burning enemies but marking them as well. While marked, Pyromancers afterward have numerous options on how to proceed such as using Thermal Bomb. While it only targets one particular enemy, even if they are killed, they’ll grow into the air and explode potentially causing a messy chain reaction to enemies that may be standing too close.

Which Class Should You Play in the Upcoming Outriders Demo?
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