Star Wars Force and Destiny - The Perfect Setting For Your Sith Themed Adventure
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Star Wars Force and Destiny – The Perfect Setting For Your Sith Themed Adventure

Star Wars Force and Destiny - The Perfect Setting For Your Sith Themed Adventure

Star Wars Force and Destiny – The Perfect Setting For Your Sith Themed Adventure

When players jump in the Star Wars tabletop roleplaying game Force and Destiny, it is very likely they’ll make a prospective Jedi on a quest to get mastery within the drive . Although this kind of experience is always enjoyable and a fitting beginning, it is merely a matter of time before players begin to the excitement for something darker. In conventional Dungeons and Dragons, numerous teams have crossed that threshold and tried to conduct”evil campaigns,” however, the Star Wars world is ripe with opportunity for this type of thing. Despite this, beginning a Sith experience can be hard because there isn’t a whole lot of advice about the best way best to perform this at the core book.

Star Wars Force and Destiny normally Assume that gamers are creating good-aligned personalities and will probably be fighting against the Sith and other shadowy forces. Proof of this can be located right from the enemies section of this publication, in which Fallen Apprentice and also Fallen Master signifies the dark side of the drive, but no such thing is for mild users. The very first step to making a great Sith Themed experience is choosing the proper setting, and also for that, gamers might want to dig deeper into the Legends lore of all Star Wars.

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Star Wars Legends – Demon Moon Dxun

The Demon Moon Dxun has shown up many times in Legends substance for Star Wars, But it’s yet to earn a canonical look. As a result of this, not many are comfortable with the risks that lurk with this shadowy moon. As a short history, an ancient Sith Lord called Freedon Nadd had been entombed on this world, but his soul was so strong that Dark Side energy enveloped and tainted the moon. As a ferocious jungle, the critters of the moon were already mortal, but they’re even more so now they are imbued with the energy of the Dark Side.

This makes a great place for Sith personalities to research As it’s a well-known Dark Side website, places with large levels of Dark Side energy, which are usually home to strong Sith artifacts and other forbidden knowledge. Obviously, there are two big attractions here that gamers will probably wish to see when they know about these, the Tomb of Freedon Nadd and the Well of Darkness. These regions should be actual dangers to the gamers, so the game master must make it clear beforehand which no character is safe from passing.

Demon Moon Dxun – The Well of Darkness

Traditionally, Dxun’s Well of Darkness is a seemingly bottomless pit located within a cave in the moon. A huge colony of Orablisks, trilobite such as animals whose shells are resistant to lightsabers which nourish dark side power, phone this cave their property. Players trying to input the Well of Darkness might want to address these dangers should they utilize the Dark Side to power their induce skills , since this may prompt the Orbalisks to latch like a parasite. This is also the source of the notorious Darth Bane’s armor, which has been impervious to lightsabers.

Once within the well, Players will probably be fulfilled with three individual illusions, each more frightening Compared to the past. The first illusion is supposed to test whether the players are all worthy of their shadowy side. They see that a terrible evil befalling something or someone they care about And should have the willpower to resist falling into insanity. The next Illusion concentrates on the personality’s biggest desire, but they’re not able To attain it without hitting down a loved one. Lastly, the third Illusion sends the personality to an abysmal rage, and they need to get a Way to restrain their anger to finish the challenge. All them Should come with an enticing bonus.

Star Wars Force and Destiny – The Perfect Setting For Your Sith Themed Adventure
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