Rumor: Republique Leaked for the Nintendo Switch
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Rumor: Republique Leaked for the Nintendo Switch

Rumor: Republique Leaked for the Nintendo Switch

Rumor: Republique Leaked for the Nintendo Switch

New rumors point to some stealth action-adventure match being ported over to the Nintendo Switch. The match Republique was seen directly on Nintendo’s site, meaning it might appear on the console shortly.

Republique is a Kickstarted game that initially fell on iOS in 2013 as a 5-part episodic series. While many players enjoy cellular gaming, Republique has been ported to numerous platforms, such as VR, PS4, and Stadia; Nintendo Switch may be following.

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While the webpage is currently dead-on Nintendo’s official website, fans originally detected a whole page devoted to Republique. The simple fact it is currently down suggested that it probably went up too premature. Ahead of the page went down, the info claimed that Republique could price USD 9.99 and be published on February 25, 2021. If accurate, Republique is a fantastic addition to the record of strong indie names on the Nintendo Switch.

To get a game that began as an iOS name, Republique has ported to consoles really well. It’s Very Likely that especially the Republique Remastered variant Will be exactly what the Change sees, even when the rumors are true, which is examined well. All 5 episodes have been packaged into a single adventure, and the sport was updated to function nicely as a console name. Moreover, the game has some wonderful talent behind it, such as voice actor David Hayter, best called the guy behind the iconic Sound Snake of Metal Gear Solid.

By Game Rant’s overview of Republique Remastered in 2016, the name knows its limits and does not attempt to become an AAA title. And if the rumors are true, $9.99 Looks like a decent cost for A stealth-based and tightly-wound dramatic action sport for Alter players.

Rumor: Republique Leaked for the Nintendo Switch
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