New Sony San Diego Team Working on Existing PlayStation Franchises

New Sony San Diego Team Working on Existing PlayStation Franchises

New Sony San Diego Team Working on Existing PlayStation Franchises

New Sony San Diego Team Working on Existing PlayStation Franchises

Among Sony’s advantages with its PlayStation brand is that the several franchises and IPs it has access to. On the Many console productions, fans have undergone All Kinds of exclusives from Uncharted, to God of War, Ratchet & Clank, Gran Turismo, And more. While enthusiasts are well aware of Sony’s bigger first celebration studios, it looks like the business also might have a couple newer and smaller groups working on now unannounced projects also.

Eagle eyed lovers have discovered the prior PlayStation Studio Head, Michael Mumbauer might have shown some hints regarding the potential of Sony’s most significant IPs. In accordance with his LinkedIn profile, Mumbauer functioned as a Studio Head using a brand new team located in San Diego before November 2020. In his description of his own job there, Mumbauer affirmed that not only did he construct a”new, all-star, AAA Action/Adventure development group for PlayStation” but the group was”constructed to enlarge existing franchises and craft new stories for another generation of players.”

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Regrettably, no Additional details regarding what possible IP the new San Diego group has been working on however there are a couple of hints that may join the dots. While Naughty Dog has apparently wrapped up Nathan Drake’s narrative from the Uncharted franchise, the IP is still quite rewarding considering how well the games market along with a film adaptation along the manner . Obviously, Sony would probably look to keep that franchise with the support of Naughty Dog or possibly working with a distinct internal studio.

What is interesting here is that Mumbauer Appears to add gas to the Uncharted Fire as a result of some strange addition farther down into his profile. Beneath the Featured section, Mumbauer has included a movie from a YouTuber called RobinGaming to go along with his other movies. This movie specifically discusses a covertly made Sony studio particularly to operate on Uncharted 5. Even though this isn’t a formal confirmation, it is a little odd and intriguing which Mumbauer would intentionally add a movie from a seemingly arbitrary founder to his private profile that also is made up of his own private work at GDC plus a keynote address he gave.

Obviously, this brand new team Shouldn’t be confused with all the present Sony San Diego studio, which Has been in charge of attracting the MLB: The Display franchise To live every year. This first party studio is currently planning a large Announcement enclosing the long running franchise following month and Shockingly, many enthusiasts are expecting a multi-platform release to its typically Sony exclusive. Back in Dec 2019, the MLB signed a new deal With Sony which comprised phrasing that said the series will be coming into additional console platforms outside PlayStation As ancient as 2021. The Xbox Twitter account reacted to the information By stating”no longer away games” For Sony, it appears San Diego has become A popular area of sport development.

New Sony San Diego Team Working on Existing PlayStation Franchises
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