Tales from the Borderlands Could Be Coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X

Tales from the Borderlands Could Be Coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X

Tales from the Borderlands Could Be Coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X

Tales from the Borderlands Could Be Coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X

Even Though the company finally hit some snags financially and shut Its doors in 2018, a range of Telltale’s finest games live on as contemporary classics, with its take on The Walking Dead and its own rendition of Fables through The Wolf One of Us equally being enormous hits for the provider. The group also constructed a cult-hit at Tales of the Borderlands, which advised a different, narrative-driven side-story established inside the Borderlands world-class.

It Seems the latter might be receiving a new lease of life quite soon, with Gematsu reporting which PlayStation 5 and Xbox collection X edition of Tales of the Borderlands were rated from the British certificate website PEGI past December. Strangely, nothing was said about a possible remaster because, although evaluations usually dictate a match is on its way earlier rather than later.

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Much like using the Original launch, the game made itself an 18 rating in the united kingdom, with PEGI mentioning violence and bad language because of both central pillars of its own justification. Regardless, it sounds like 2K and Gearbox announce that the match in the coming weeks, possibly offering it as a free upgrade to those who already have the game. Even though the first Telltale group is no more collectively, its games have become upgraded re-releases earlier, with Telltale’s Batman getting a remastered bundle in the tail-end of 2019 that packed the game and its sequel collectively, The Enemy Inside, along with a fresh black and white”Shadows Mode.” Meanwhile, all The Walking Dead’s four seasons, in addition to its own Michonne spin-off, were also released collectively within a Definitive Series package in 2019.

Tales of the Borderlands initially Published in 2014, together with the narrative following Hyperion worker Rhys and con-artist Fiona since the improbable duo comes in pursuit of one of those franchises’ most mysterious vaults. During its episode arc, the group travel into a set of iconic Borderlands places, meeting characters like Mad Moxxi, Brick, Mordecai, Scooter, Athena, and, needless to say, franchise mascot Claptrap. The narrative sees Rhys unite consciousnesses having an AI build of Borderlands two villain Handsome Jack, who functions among the spin-offs most critical characters.

Rhys and Fiona returning for next-gen consoles will undoubtedly be welcomed by fans of Telltale’s take on the Borderlands world. If it had been to perform well, it stands to reason that the recently formed Telltale staff could shoot on a sequel to the job also, bringing the characters back for another season. The studio is currently working on a follow-up to The Wolf One of Us, taking the reigns in the first Telltale staff who had been working on a sequel before being shut down. Only time will tell, but it appears that a Tales of the Borderlands re-release could be on its way very shortly.

Tales from the Borderlands Could Be Coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X
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