Wreckfest Update Adds Winter Fest Tournament

Wreckfest Update Adds Winter Fest Tournament

Wreckfest Update Adds Winter Fest Tournament

Even though the December holiday season has passed, It’s still winter in The northern hemisphere, and video game programmers continue to observe. Overwatch lovers can still get a winter-themed Hanamura map, as an instance, and Finnish developer Bugbear Entertainment announced the launching of a Winter Fest championship in its own racing game Wreckfest.

The headlining occasion in Wreckfest’s Winter Fest tournament is”Snowball Run,” where players can utilize the Power Rocket thing to start giant snowballs in their opponents, ruining their vehicles and distinct set bits around the snowy, slippery tracks, according to a brief trailer launched for its January 2021 upgrade. Demolition races, demolition derbies, and time attack modes in the THQ Nordic-printed name will also be winter-themed, and”top players” may make a rewarding automobile known as the Starbeast SS.

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Yesterday’s upgrade also fixes problems with Various systems, for example, Sony DualShock and DualSense control Not working correctly on PC, and it corrects audio and gameplay attributes. By way of instance, Bugbear stated roof decorations would no more”deform exceptionally,” along with also the”Ambiance” volume controller in Preferences will influence all track-side noises.

Wreckfest’s original Became accessible via Early accessibility in 2014. Since that time, it’s continued to grow and expand using a PC launch in 2018, followed closely by Variations of Wreckfest on PS4 and Xbox One in 2019. In its own area thread, Bugbear stated lovers have Been asking to find another occasion featuring snow after its vacation Special” a couple of years ago,” so the snowball carnage which comes With Winter Fest can help appease people that are sticking together with the Racing game.

Wreckfest Update Adds Winter Fest Tournament
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