Horror Game Mundaun Gets March Release Date

Horror Game Mundaun Gets March Release Date

Horror Game Mundaun Gets March Release Date

Horror Game Mundaun Gets March Release Date

A horror story set in a sequestered valley from the Alps, programmer Hidden Field’s Mundaun has Been in evolution since 2017. Inspired by stories and folklore from an assortment of areas, the match’s haunting setting combined with Mundaun’s unique pencil-drawn artwork fashion instantly attracted attention.

The Organization’s first full-length name, Mundaun, Started as founder and game developer Michel Ziegler’s fire job years before development started. The Alps are a feeling that Ziegler finds especially evocative and even unsettling. Taking advantage of this distinctive place, Mundaun concentrates more on evoking feelings of oppression and dread instead of relying on leap scares or other ordinary terror game tropes.

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Gamers on the Lookout for a special horror adventure experience won’t need to wait much longer, as a current press release has shown that Mundaun will start on PC, in addition to past and current-gen consoles, on March 16, 2021. Players who buy the game for PS4 or even Xbox One will be given a complimentary upgrade upon purchasing a PS5 or Xbox collection X console.

“It is exciting to finally Possess a launch date and discuss the adventure of Mundaun together with the enthusiastic community that’s been after the match within the last several decades,” said Ziegler. “The Alps have a particular value to me personally, and everything in the game’s narrative to the hand-penciled personalities and surroundings celebrates the culture of the Swiss area of Grisons.”

In celebration of Mundaun’s forthcoming Launching, Hidden Fields, in cooperation with writer MWM Interactive, will soon be releasing a string of short biweekly behind-the-scenes movies that showcase Ziegler’s creative process, in addition to a number of these folklore and real-life inspirations for your sport. The very first episode has been published on YouTube. Furthermore, Discord users may combine the Mundaun server to get a Q&A session together with Ziegler on January 13, starting at 10:00 a.m. PT / 1:00 p.m. ET.

Hidden Fields was set As a one-person improvement studio from Ziegler, a Swiss developer and illustrator, who shot thousands of photographs of different places in the Alps over the course of creating Mundaun. Three other musicians have united Ziegler to aid with this match: Eric Lorenz, a sound programmer; Michel Barengo, a composer; and Gabrielle Alioth, the game’s narrative co-author.

The game puts gamers in the shoes of a person who has to go back into Mundaun, a genuine Place from the Swiss Alps, after learning of the grandfather’s Mysterious death in a flame. Upon his arrival, he soon realizes that Something malevolent is haunting the little city’s remaining inhabitants. Players will explore many places on Mundaun mountain, which range From secluded meadows to snow-covered peaks, to discover secrets, Solve handmade puzzles, and endure life-threatening experiences on their search to obtain the reason for these diabolical occasions.

Horror Game Mundaun Gets March Release Date
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