Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 Apparently Leaked With The Latest Intel And AMD Tech

Microsoft seems to be preparing the Surface Notebook 4 together with the chip tech from AMD and Intel.

These new generations of chip technology bring big Functionality increases over previous versions, so if that escape is true, it means people can observe a Surface Notebook 4 that is a critical step up from the Surface Notebook 3.

The Newest benchmark leaks reveal what appears like a Surface Notebook 4 using a Tiger Lake-U chip with a 2.7GHz base clock and 4.3 GHz increase clock, with four cores and eight threads.

It reveals, if the Notebook 4 does come with Intel processors That Microsoft is intent on creating a system that provides performance in a light and slim design.

This implies the notebook of Microsoft could gain getting a device.

In Addition, it suggests That Microsoft will offer a choice between AMD and Intel .

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