Galaxy Z Flip durability test calls Samsung’s Ultra Thin ‘Glass’ into question

Samsung’s case that the new Galaxy Z Flip uses “Ultra Thin Glass” seemed like a genuine achievement when the foldable telephone was reported a week ago. As of not long ago, foldable screens have utilized plastic showcases, which can be handily scratched with even a fingernail. The Z Flip doing the change to glass, anyway flimsy it may be, had us confident that it would hold up better to long haul use.

Zack Nelson has gotten his hands on Samsung’s second endeavor at a foldable telephone, and the aftereffects of his JerryRigEverything solidness test don’t move certainty.

The Z Flip’s showcase begins indicating perpetual checks and scratches far sooner than real glass would. Some portion of the time tested JerryRigEverything test is getting telephones through a gauntlet of Mohs hardness picks to test when the presentation glass begins demonstrating harm. On the off chance that you’ve viewed Zack’s recordings previously, you’ve likely heard that advanced cell phones have “scratches beginning at a level 6, with more profound depressions at a level 7.”

The Z Flip fires getting harm at level 2 and all the more fundamentally at 3, which is comparable to the plastic screens of the Galaxy Fold and later Motorola Razr. “This screen is not the slightest bit scratch safe at all,” Nelson says close to the finish of the video. Toward the finish of the clasp, he starts jabbing gaps in the screen that make the OLED board go acting up — however there’s no indication of any glass breaking.

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