Apple Watch Series 5 review: The best smartwatch gets (slightly) better

Unpacking the Apple Watch Series 5 a week ago was a vexing encounter. The day the gadget showed up for audit, I loosened a year ago’s Series 4, with its 40mm gold aluminum case and pale pink games band. I put on the new watch, additionally with a 40mm gold case and pink silicone lash. The new Series 5 ($399 and up) appears to be indistinguishable from the model it replaces – to such an extent that it wasn’t until I turned the gadget on that I believed I had another toy close by. This is a minor item update, one that should leave ongoing Apple Watch purchasers having a sense of safety in their choice to buy when they did.

Yet, this survey isn’t for individuals who effectively claim a watch. About 75 percent of individuals who purchase an Apple Watch are doing as such just because, as per Apple. For those of you who were at that point considering purchasing your first smartwatch, you can take some solace knowing the Series 5 is similarly in the same class as the Series 4 you’ve been finding out about, if not somewhat better.


The Apple Watch is as yet the best smartwatch. Despite the fact that the Series 5 feels like a minor update to a year ago’s Series 4, it will possess all the necessary qualities for most by far of individuals purchasing Apple Watches just because.

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