BEASTARS season 2 release confirmed: Here’s when and where to watch it

The official Site Of the anime Beastars has only confirmed that it’s been picked up for a second season! What is more, we have a deadline of when Beastars’ season is going to be out.
When and where to watch BEASTARS year 2

According to the anime’s official twitter handle, BEASTARS year 2 will be out by 2021. Even though BEASTARS season 1 is now on Netflix, year two will begin streaming in Japan on Fuji TV’s +Ultra.

BEASTARS season one has been launched on Netflix Japan on October 8, 2019.
Soon it began airing By March 13, 2020, on the + Ultra programming block of Fuji TV, from October 9, 2019 fans can stream the show on Netflix.

While the show makers haven’t verified it yet Pattern fans can expect Netflix to stream season 2 shortly after it airs in Japan in 2021.

The anime takes us Beasts of all sorts coexist. It follows the adventures of a gentle Wolf, who awakens to his predatory urges as his college Deals within its midst with murder.

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