Chrome OS 82 Brings Redesigned Files App And Google Material Theme

The two essential programs when using a Chromebook are undeniably the browser along with the Documents app.

Files has remained the same as of late, while Chrome becomes tweaks and improvements in every upgrade.

By bringing Google Material Theme elements chrome OS 82 is seeking to shake things up.

Evolution efforts appeared to have stalled, using the flag with redesigns or no changes coming for Documents.

Now the fruits of the Records program redesign have started to appear.

Is using a round Overlay for the highlighted and current directories, together with a new colour scheme.

Another change is the directory view has afforded a little more space by shortening the pub.

For now though, the improvements all only apply to the directory ; the file explorer perspective icons and utilizes its design.

It safe to presume that the remaining Documents app will probably receive a redesign within the forthcoming weeks.

The program has a remaining sooner Material Design spec, its own trademark blue bars.

1 quirk from the redesign is that the Choice to utilize a lot of these buttons.

Luckily the thumbnail view Does not take advantage of them.

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