Google Is Preparing To Test Android 11 On Chrome OS

One of the hallmark characteristics of Chrome OS devices is the ability to operate Android programs. the Android 11 Developer Preview interval has started, Google has started work on attracting Android 11.

Google gave us our first look at the next iteration of last month Android than normal. But even prior to its launch, a fresh job started brewing inside Chrome OS source code together with the title”eve-arc-r.”

Down that, we have got”eve,” that is the inner codename For its Google Pixelbook,”arc” that stands for”Android Runtime for Chrome,” and lastly,”r,” that is another letter after the past season’s”Android Q,” which eventually became”Android 10.” From this we get a image that Google is currently working for Chrome OS on Android 11, beginning with all the Pixelbook.

Considering other code varies from precisely the exact same programmer, we find a couple of references to”RVC” which appears to be Google’s codename for Android 11, like”QT” is Android 10’s codename.

Beyond this, we also Discover That the Pixelbook Won’t be alone in getting Android 11, as two Chrome OS codenames Are also being granted”arc-r” Android 11 builds. The first,”Kukui,” is your foundation board for Chrome OS apparatus dependent on the Mediatek MT8183 chip seen from the likes of this Lenovo IdeaPad Duet tabletcomputer.

Meanwhile, the next,”Hatch,” is the Foundation for Chromebooks constructed on The generation of Intel Core chips. That usually means that the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook might have the ability to make the most of Android 11.

The other interesting tidbit we have discovered so far is the Older way of running Android inside Chrome OS, that entails a”container” that runs on the Chrome OS inner Linux kernel, is finish with Android Pie.

For Android 11 onward, Chrome OS will change over to use the newer “ARCVM” system That runs Android in a virtual machine using its own kernel to protect the Chrome OS kernel. The shift will create running Android on Chrome OS consistent with the manner that Linux programs have the ability now to operate on Chromebooks, and should make sideloading programs safer.

Regrettably because testing is currently ramping up, we can not presume This Android 11 will arrive on our Chromebooks. Google made similar moves a year to check Android 10 on Chrome OS, yet this work never panned into truth. Actually, as per some other remark, Chrome OS’s Android 10 service “was abandoned.”

Conversely however, Chrome OS formerly skipped Android Oreo, heading straight from Nougat into Pie. It might make sense for Chrome OS to if that program were to carry on Jump Android 10 and update to Android 11. Whatever the situation May be, contemplating Android 11 is in this and Developer Preview Work on the Chrome OS side we might not observe this Upgrade for a month or two, or even into following year.

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