Intel Is Coming For AMD Hard If This Latest Performance Leak Is Any Indication

Intel’s 10th-generation Comet Lake-S Processors for desktop aren’t here, and there is a deluge of functionality leaks on the market while we have not heard anything from Intel itself.

For comparison’s sake, an AMD Ryzen 7 3800X can score approximately 308GOPs based on Marksman’s outcomes browser.

This might indicate that Intel’s next generation processors will not really catch up to AMD’s mainstream system, but since Comet Lake-S is, by all signs, going to be about the 14nm manufacturing procedure, that should not be too much of a surprise. Its own promising that Intel can come on its own production process.

This is probably because of the chip boosting up the way To 5.3GHz, that can be an wonderful increase clock for any chip, particularly when it includes 8-cores and 16-threads.

Time will tell if this is not and a genuine increase clock an overclock — in case this result is true. It’s still promising.

Wait, there is a catch

You have to Take into Account the Truth Intel and AMD measures differently that TDP.

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