Google Updating Terms Of Service To Improve Readability, Include Chrome/OS & Drive

Google today started alerting users of a planned upgrade to its terms of service (ToS) on March 31.

Chrome/OS and Google Drive into the ToS. According to the business, there are changes to the Privacy Policy.

This includes segments, much more, and including hyperlinks, providing clarifications.

Meanwhile, the organization’s Privacy Policy isn’t changing.

Improved readability: While our Conditions stay a legal record, we have done our very best to make them easier to understand, such as by incorporating hyperlinks to helpful information and providing definitions.

Better communicating: We have clearly explained when we will make adjustments to our solutions (such as adding or removing a feature) and if we will limit or finish a consumer’s access.

Including Google Chrome, Google Chrome OS, and Google Drive into the Conditions: Our enhanced Conditions now cover Google Chrome, Google Chrome OS, and Google Drive, which likewise have service-specific policies and terms that will assist you understand what is unique to those solutions.

No adjustments to our Privacy Policy: We are not making any modifications to the Google Privacy Policy and we have not made any modifications to how we handle your data.

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