Microsoft Announces Important Security Update For All Windows 10 Users

Virus & Threat Protection configurations.

What if I do not use Windows Defender?

Windows 10 updates, with the blame resting firmly on its own doorstep. When these updates impact negatively on safety , I’m amongst the first to call the operating system giant out.

All too often Microsoft makes things worse by introducing confusion instead of clarity into the upgrade process. For once I am very happy to report that Microsoft has.

Changes of the type that the recent Nodersok Windows”Zombie Attack” attempts to make; the disabling of Windows Defender itself.

What is Windows 10 Tamper Protection? What can Tamper Protection do? Shweta

Function is specific to Windows Defender. You can still trigger Tamper Protection as a backup measure.

Enabling this option if you’re running with the May Windows will then enable the Tamper Protection configurations 10 update.

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