Pokemon Go Ditto Guide Here How To Catch A Ditto In Pokemon Go

Obtaining a Ditto at Pokemon Go always happens at the most inopportune times. At times you can catch three at a day, and then, when it comes time to catch one for a study assignment, those pink gelatinous blobs of DNA copying goo are nowhere available.

The problem with grabbing Ditto is that, contrary to other Pokemon games where Ditto is found in its base form, Ditto at Pokemon Go takes the form of the other Pokemon. In fact, changed Dittos look just like their goal – a Ditto Bathtub seems exactly like a normal Bathtub. You wot find out whether the Pokemon yore grabbing is a Ditto until you caught .

But we can reduce the quantity of time you spend searching for Ditto. In reality, if you use our manual, you can catch a Ditto in a matter of minutes instead of wasting hours of your time.

Here are three tips you can use to help you capture a Ditto without wasting any time.

Hint #1: These are the Ditto disguise Pokemon

The only way you can use to catch a Ditto is to go after the Pokemon Ditto most copies. Remember these Pokemon wot seem any different on your map, so you just need to catch every one you see until you receive your Ditto.

Note: This list of Pokemon changes all of the time – it used to include Pidgey and Rattan, but that no more the situation as of February 2019 – so is worth coming back to see whether things have changed.

Hers a complete list of the Ditto disguise Pokemon for August 2019:

Paras (Generation 1)
Venation (Generation 1)
Remoraid (Generation 2)
Sentret (Generation 2)
Yanma (Generation 2)
Hoot hoot (Generation 2)
Ledyba (Generation 2)
Gulping (Generation 3)
Whisper (Generation 3)

How can you know one of these Pokemon are a Ditto? After you catch one, instead of satisfying that the word Oh will pop up over the Pokemon head, and Ditto will show itself. This wot happen until after the Pokemon is captured, but so make sure you actually catch the Pokemon and not give up early.

Hint #2: Use Lures and Incense to get Ditto

If you need a Ditto right this moment and you cat discover any of those aforementioned Pokemon floating about your region, you could always shed a Lure or Incense to try and get one to show up. Obviously this is a kind of last-ditch effort since these things are rare and need to get used sparingly, but it definitely speeds up the process.

Want to kill two birds with one stone? If yore a new player we advocate with a Lure, Incense and a Lucky Egg together to grow the number of Pokemon local and increase the quantity of XP you get per capture – is a great way to power level.







Hint #3: Ask your buddies / neighborhood Discord group where they captured a Ditto

OK, so this requires a bit more coordination, but in case you have friends or are a part of a community that plays Pokemon Go, it is possible to ask them where they recently caught a Ditto.

Like all of the remaining Pokemon in the game, a Ditto Attack is exactly the exact same for everybody. If your friend simply captured a Ditto two cubes over that was hiding since a Paras, it is possible to go catch the exact same Paras and additionally, it will be a Ditto. Some Discord channels might even have chats specializing in the most Ditto places, so is definitely worth joining one if you can.

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