Are these Ready Player One posters supposed to be cool or cringeworthy

Most of it presents the story of pop culture-obsessed future adolescent Wade Watts as exciting and cool. But sometimes, the marketing feels just like a surprisingly cutting takedown of their fils own premise. So, naturally, the newest graphics re-create iconic film posters employing the digital avatars of all Ready Player Ons different characters. (You can see a complete roundup in Slashfilm.

Half of them seem like they’re advertising Some Type of pseudo-anime remake of Bullitt or The Lost Boys there conceptually silly, but made, like so: These posters play the urge Clins book is trying to exploit: Wouldt it be cool to star on your favorite film (Or, perhaps in this case,Wouldt it be cool to star in your favorite film and seem like then-threateningly attractive member of the uncanny valley boy group ) But for a few of the posters like the riff on The Matrix, under the aesthetic looks more like something yod get if you passed a teen a cracked copy of Photoshop. Are crude, awkward… and also a pretty accurate depiction of how attempts at self-insert fan fiction generally turn out. In other words: its terribleness makes it sort of great.

It appears unlikely that Ready Player One will make fun of its heroes quite this effectively.

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