Could Hela from Thor Ragnarok be the best Marvel villain since Loki

 Marvel Studios is assuring annually that breaks away from the gloomy introspection of previous superhero films. But even though more colorful aesthetic, what stands out most to me is Cate Blanchett slaying everything in sight.

This picture looks better than either Thor movie before it, and it could be more significant than we realize at this time. Cate Blanchett is making a Thor movie a must-see Is well known among fans and even more casual filmgoers that Marvel does have the greatest track record in regards to its picture villains. Loki is still far and away the greatest big bad the studio has set on the silver screen in a pantheon that is somewhat underwhelming. Hiddleston is an excellent actor, convinced, but characters like Ant-Mas Yellowjacket and Guardians of this Galaxs Ronan the Accuser is utterly forgettable. They existed in their own movies solely to get the personalities motivated. Meanwhile, Thanos remains too much of a remote threat to count.

There all well-acted, intimidating, and have intriguing, complex backstories. However, their profiles are far smaller one of viewers and at the overarching MCU canon. But Hela? Well, looks like she matters. First, she looks amazing: Secondly, shs clearly hugely powerful.

Of course, I could be wrong about all this, but is important to have fantasies. Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters on November 3rd.

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