Google Celebrates 19th Birthday With 19 Games From Doodles Past

Google’s latest Doodle because of its 19th anniversary is a birthday surprise spinner that takes players back to the memorable Doodle games. Spin the wheel to play with interactive browser games from the past 19 decades, like a musical puzzle game celebrating Beethoven’s 245th birthday, or this adorable Magic Cat Academy Halloween match from 2016.

Google has also introduced a fresh Snake game for its Search Funbox, which is one of those 19 wheel surprises among other search outcome games such as tic-tac-toe, along with an Earth Day quiz. You may play with it anytime by searching”snake game,” or just search”Google birthday surprise spinner” to provide the wheel a spin and then test the other Doodle games.

The wheel also includes the 2010 Pac Man browser game, which time management program company RescueTime famously declared cost the economy $120 million and 4.8 million hours of lost productivity. For the sake of humoring more bad math, I will go ahead and guesstimate that $120 million x 19 matches means $2.3 billion of productivity will be dropped today. Have fun!

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