3 work-at-home online jobs that aren’t Scams

People Begin working as the holy grail Of job perks. And as a result of the Internet, it is totally possible. If you know where to look, whether you would like a occupation or would just like to make a little money on the side, the choices are there.

I Should warn you that”working from home” and”online jobs” don’t translate to”get rich quick.” Always be cynical of tasks that guarantee a fortune for little work. They’re almost guaranteed to be scams.

Here are a few more tips while looking for jobs online to avoid scams:

  • Always be sure that the organization is legitimate and has a strong online history.
  • Never invest any money — such as software processing fees — up front.
  • Never give out personal information in your program a typical company would not ask for.
  • Do your own research.

With these caveats in mind, let’s look at some jobs.

Home representative

A Home agent is a catchall term that includes tasks like market research, phone sales, customer support and support. In other words, it’s any jobs which you would usually do with hundreds of other individuals, but you also do it.

You may find home agent jobs recorded on regular job boards such as, and many others. Or you can go directly to the source with committed home broker companies such as Convergys, TeleTech and Sitel. These firms generally treat you as an employee with regular hours and health benefits, but if you would like to be an independent contractor, check out a site such as LiveOps.

If you do not mind stepping outside of your house occasionally, you can join with a service such as TaskRabbit. This makes it possible to locate and get paid for doing small jobs near your house picking up groceries and making repairs.


For Those proficient in creative or technical areas like graphic programming, writing or design, video and picture editing, you can try out the life span of a freelancer. There are plenty of job boards especially for freelancers and individuals who want to employ them.

Two sites I urge often are Elance and Pro . You are able to look through jobs folks are post or post your abilities and allow them to find you.

Most Of these sites let you set your hourly or project rate prior to applying. Keep in mind before you’re hired that some jobs might take a lengthy interview procedure. Pay can vary from a few bucks depending on the project.

Of course Freelancer isn’t always smooth sailing. You’ll run into difficult clients, which could leave you without pay or even in court. Click here for some principles both freelancers and customers should follow so everyone is happy.

E-book writer

If You can write, but do not want to write for someone else, being an writer. With publishers getting $ 3 billion on e-books in sales this past year — and that doesn’t include — there’s definitely money to be made.

You Don’t even need to write a novel. Humorous life anecdotes short stories, insightful commentary and thorough instructions in skill-based tasks are popular topics which you can sell.

Just head over to Amazon or Barnes & Noble And look to get an idea about what type of subjects and names sell the best. get writing and find out what unique viewpoint you can bring to those places.

Before You publish, be sure to have an editor or two go over your manuscript. You are able to use family or friends, but you may also want to contract an expert using some of the freelancer sites I mentioned. You might want to employ a person to create a great cover — after all, it’s the first thing people will notice.

Then you have to determine where to market. Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing Is a Great place to start. Apple’s iBookstore is just another. Or you can create your own e-book document — PDF or ePub — with an app like Calibre and sell it independently through your own site.

No Advertising is essential. You’ll want to Promote it on social websites at the very least. One trick is to begin Post and a blog chapters to give folks a taste. Start an Whole website on Precisely the Same topic as the book to Gather an audience.

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