PlayStation 4 Camera Review

An extra purchase with no purpose

Sony set its adoring PlayStation lovers in a difficult spot when it chose to create the PlayStation Camera an optional accessory to its PS4.

Sure, it kept the price of the console 100 less expensive than the Xbox One. Buyers entice also has made the plenty of positive buzz from players and the media alike.

However, now that the brand new Sony console is finally out, you are confronted with a dilemma: maybe not or to buy the PlayStation Camera?

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That’s not an easy question to answer, even for the most hardcore PlayStation fan.

The PlayStation Camera is $59.99 – that’s not chump change. In fact, it’s the price of an excess control, which can be the difference between having fun with a buddy or playing on your own.

And PS3 owners likely recall how little they employed their PlayStation Eye cameras.

But if no one buys the PlayStation Camera today developers won’t bother to implement it and the attachment will stagnate on shop shelves until the next gimmick arrives.

No, it’s not a simple choice. So after playing with the PlayStation Camera over the weekend, we chose to break it down for you.


For people who decide they simply can not live without it, the PlayStation Camera is a slick accessory.

It’s an unassuming block with multiple different detectors and two observable camera lenses, including microphones. But despite its odd segmented form the PS Camera doesn’t look awkward or busy, like the PS3’s PlayStation Eye camera or even the Xbox 360’s Kinect.

It’s also much smaller than the Xbox One Kinect sensor.

The only marking on the new PlayStation Camera is a small”PS” logo on one side, where nobody could possibly see it. In reality, most people will likely never notice it sitting from the TV.

It should fit well into most gamers’ entertainment systems, whether on its own or with the officially licensed (although not officially included) PS Camera clip.

The clip might be well worth it if your living space installation doesn’t have any room for your Camera that is little. It sports a minuscule nub along with a sticky pad which let it snap easily and securely into the bottom of the Camera, and three firm but flexible segments that let it wrap around a TV’s top edge.

This ought to allow the clip to function with room setups. And between the old and new Kinects, the Wii/Wii U’s sensor pub, the PS3 Eye, along with the newest PlayStation Camera, electricity gamers’ environments are getting far too cluttered with cameras, therefore elevating one may be necessary or more aesthetically pleasing.

And even when the PS4 Camera is still it up will realize your distance with ease; it does not automatically tilt on its own, like the old Xbox 360 Kinect will, but it can be rotated independently from the clip so you can tilt it up or down to match your installation.

Once the PlayStation Camera is plugged into the back of your PS4 you forget that it’s there – until it comes time to use it, that is.


It’s not a secret that the PlayStation Camera is not nearly as advanced as the fresh Kinect sensor of the Xbox One.

However, it does provide a number of the same performance albeit at a limited capacity.

When you log in the PS4 for the first time that the console will assess whether you have a PlayStation Camera and ask whether you want to conduct face recognition installation. It will tell you sit a certain distance from the Camera and to decorate the room, and away you go.

The Camera is good at detecting faces, even with individuals in the room. Once it’s had a look around it asks one to point out to it which confront is yours, after which you’re run through a one-time regimen which will help the system recognize your face mechanically later on.

You’re requested to follow along with an on-screen box since it tilts and rotates, moving your mind so the PS4 Camera can view your visage from multiple angles. It is painless and once it is done you won’t have to do it again.

That said, should you run the setup program again from the preferences menu it will add to the face data for your profile, not substitute it, so it may recognize you with even more precision.

The PlayStation Camera won’t automatically recognize everyone who walks like the Xbox One Kinect does, but it does recognize you on startup if the PS4 is not set to automatically log in one user.

When that is true, the system asks you to pick a profile once you turn it on. But when facial recognition is on along with the Camera detects anyone it understands, it will enlarge the image it sees and ask the individual who wishes to log in to maintain a PS4 control under her or his chin.


It is unfortunate that the PlayStation Camera can’t simply log users automatically when it recognizes themand to be fair it is a lot easier to simply select your profile manually, even with numerous users in the room.

Anyhow, following the log-in procedure the PlayStation Camera can recognize a few rudimentary voice controls.

In the home screen, you can state”PlayStation, begin” to start the selected application,”PlayStation, log in” to alter profiles,”PlayStation, take screenshot,””PlayStation, back to game” if you’ve opened a game, or”PlayStation, electricity” to get controls that allow you to turn the console off or put it into standby mode. When in a program or game you can state”PlayStation, house display” to go back to the dashboard.

These controls work. Unless the TV volume is up too loudly or others in the area are speaking, the PlayStation Camera will almost always recognize that your own words.

Nevertheless, the majority of these activities can be carried out just as easily, if not more easily, with a control. Taking a screenshot is just a matter of holding the Share button.

At this time there are no gesture controllers, so the minimum voice controls and face recognition are all the PlayStation Camera offers you at a platform level. That is a shame, since the Camera seems to be good at detecting players’ moves.


The PlayStation Camera seems to be about on par with the Xbox 360 Kinect concerning recognizing players’ moves. Granted, that is only based on a single game, and it is a game that was designed to utilize the PlayStation Camera in the first place: The Playroom.

The Playroom is included on each PS4 by default. That is where Sony’s decision-making gets foggy; has been The Playroom always meant to be a pack-in, from a time when the Camera could have been well? Or did Sony decide to include the game on every system to be able to lure more early PS4 buyers to buy the PS Camera too?

Either way, The Playroom must have been included with the PlayStation Camera, maybe not the PS4 if anything else.

It’s not a game; it’s a technology demo. It has five functions, only a few of which are really interactive. Of those, only one is really a match, and it is entertaining for about five minutes tops.

The Playroom includes two setup applications that show off a few of their new PS4 controller’s functions, such as its light bar, touchpad, rumble feedback motors, movement controls, and speaker, and also help you configure your space so the Camera gets the optimal perspective.

Beyond this, two applications let you play virtual robots and a final one is a unique version of two-player Pong.

AR Bots is easily the most enjoyable of these. Swiping up on the control’s touchpad causes robots to jump from it. The TV shows an image of your space, which you can replicate with the little buggers that are .

Individuals in the area can then flail their limbs kicking and hitting on the robots since they’re hurled around the screen.

Pressing the touchpad in (it clicks like a button) vacuums the bots back into the controller. You may combine them using a downward swipe on the touchpad; the inside of the controller looks strangely like the interior of a controller, and you can jostle the little men around by tilting the gamepad.

Once every so often, a rubber duck comes from the controller rather than a robot. It’s not clear .

The other robot-centric application, Play Asobi, is not as entertaining. A adorable droid named Asobi flits around the head, responding to your”touch” using many different facial expressions and motions.

Punching Asobi will help it become angry, and it often responds by zapping your head with electricity, frying it with a laser, or freezing it in place. Yes, even the PlayStation Camera is good at recognizing faces. We get it!

Finally, the Pong game is simply that. It takes two controllers and the PlayStation Camera, or in other words over $120 of extra accessories that don’t come with the console.

Both players command their paddles with the gamepad’s touchscreen, and by tilting the controller, the play area is warped . You will not be showing this off to your friends.

The Playroom is adorable – especially the AR Bots program.

However, is it worth buying a PlayStation Camera for? Absolutely not.

So what is?

The only other sport that makes any use of the PlayStation Camera is Dance 2014, and that’s not a good sign.

Keep in mind there are a full two dozen PS4 launch games (such as The Playroom). And Just Dance 2014 is available on multiple platforms.

And if this was not bad enough, the Camera isn’t even required to play with Dance 2014 on the PS4. PS3 owners can simply use the PS Move controllers they might or might not have lying around.

So Dance 2014 is niche, and that the Playroom is amusing however shallow and doesn’t even technically demand the Camera. Anything else?

In fact, NBA 2K14 will allegedly provide you a penalty for swearing if you shout out a curse phrase in a match when the PlayStation Camera is plugged in, according to the Reddit ribbon .

But is that something you want occurring? We believe not.

We enjoyed

The PS Camera is functional; it works quite well when it has to do with realizing users’ faces and voice controls. Notification the PS4 vocally to flip off or carry out other functions can sometimes be more convenient than pressing buttons.

From what’s currently available to check, in fact than the Xbox 360’s Kinect was, it seems to be more accurate at detecting players and recognizing voice commands.

Additionally, The Playroom supplied some solid entertainment, however short-lived. It appears the device has a possibility.

We disliked

There’s simply not a single real game that employs the Camera in any way that is essential, and there are games that use it at all.

The lack of gesture controllers is also disappointing, and the voice commands are extremely limited.

Because the peripheral is not included with the console, plus there is the fact that developers now have little reason to include PlayStation Camera service to their games. That’s not going to change unless adoption is right off the bat, but there’s no tangible reason to acquire the Camera in any way.


The most important thing is that it’s simply not worthwhile to purchase a PlayStation Camera.

Go on and provide a try in the event that you simply should have those face and voice detection attributes going from day one, or if you are a hardcore PlayStation enthusiast who want to see programmers use it down the street to the PS Camera.

You might be better off if you pass for now and wait to find out what happens.


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