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Spotify is among the most popular music streaming platforms in the world — but it is not for everyone. Whether you are heading into a rival service such as Apple Music or even Tidal, or just attempting to conserve a little bit of money by downgrading your Premium account to a free one, cancelling your Spotify subscription is simple.

While switching out of a paid subscription to a free Spotify account is straightforward, Spotify really makes it quite difficult to permanently delete your account and all its related information — therefore, you’ll need to contact Spotify’s customer services.

Whichever option you would like to go for, we’ve assembled this handy guide with everything you need to learn about cancelling your Spotify subscription, such as the best way to delete your Spotify account for good.

To cancel your Spotify subscription, then you’ll first need to log into your own account page, and select’Subscription’ from the menu on the left side of your screen.

Underneath your subscription kind, you’ll see a button which says’change or cancel’ — click on this and then select’cancel Premium’. You will then be asked if you are sure that you’d like to cancel your subscription; even in case you are happy, select’Yes’.

After this, your account will revert to a free subscription plan, so you will still be able to use Spotify, but you’ll experience ads in between tunes, and you will simply have the ability to shuffle play albums and artists out the personalized playlists Spotify supplies.

You shouldn’t obtain any further charges for your subscription plan; however, it is worth noting that if you cancel close to your standard billing date that the payment might have already been processed and therefore could nevertheless leave your accounts after cancelling.

Why can’t I cancel my Spotify subscription?

If you do not see an option to cancel on your Spotify account page, it may be that you just signed up to your Spotify subscription via a third party like iTunes, or a broadband/mobile supplier.

If that is true, you have to contact the company that handles your obligations. If you subscribed via iTunes, check out Apple’s manual to managing your in-app subscriptions.

Additionally, it is possible that you have an alternative account that is busy on Premium; if you have lost track of an account, you may utilize Spotify’s password reset form to find out when you have an email address associated with a Spotify account.

If you have Facebook, you might also check for any rogue Spotify accounts there — just head to Settings > Programs and a Spotify icon will appear there if you have an account related to your Facebook profile.

Can I reactivate my Spotify Premium accounts?

If you change your thoughts, Spotify conserves your playlists and settings for three months after you cancel your Premium subscription, so you may pick up where you left off.

After three months it’s still possible to upgrade to a Premium subscription via your Spotify accounts, but you will not have some of your old configurations stored.

As Spotify permit you to keep a free account indefinitely, we would recommend simply cancelling your paid subscription program nevertheless, if you want to eliminate all trace your Spotify account, including your playlists and preferences, it is possible to permanently delete your account.

Firstly, log in to your accounts, and be certain you’ve cancelled any paid subscription plans — if you haven’t watch’How do I cancel my Spotify subscription’ above.

Then, visit Spotify’s contact form, which can be discovered via Spotify’s aid site > Account help > Close accounts.

After in the form, select’Account’, and then’I want to close my account eternally’. Finally, choose’Close account’.


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