Panasonic TV lineup 2019: all the OLED and LCD televisions coming this year

Panasonic TVs are straight out of Hollywood

Want to understand the Panasonic TVs coming your way? Look no Further, as TechRadar has your comprehensive, definitive, all-round perfect round-up of the year’s Panasonic TVs — now that many OLED and LCD televisions have hit the shelves, with much more about how before IFA 2019 starts the whole cycle of statements around again.

Panasonic went large on a brand new assortment of 4K Blu-ray gamers earlier in the calendar year, but regarding televisions, the business is focusing attention on the GZ2000 — what Panasonic is calling’the world’s most cinematic TV’ — an OLED TV with color tuning straight out of Hollywood.

We’ve since got to test out an additional three OLED televisions, the GZ1500 and GZ950 / GZ1000, Which share the panel and processor, but vary in model sizes and the level of quality on offer. Additionally, there are a number of updates to the past year’s 4K HDR TVs, using a new assortment of’GX’ collections (such as the five-star GX800) replacing last year’s FX750, FX740, FX700, and FX600 — and a couple Full HD models too as seen below.

Maintain In mind that Panasonic no longer ships to the United States, though we are going to be seeing these collections come to the UK, EU, Canada, and Australia.

For More info on what makes a Panasonic TV panel tick, and also the 2019 Panasonic TVs coming this season slated for launch, read on below.

Panasonic 2019 TV technologies

The Future of Panasonic looks… organic. While the Japanese manufacturer only released two OLED versions this past year, it has doubled down with a total four collections packed with’natural LED’ panels, which utilize an organic picture able to recapture its own light, as opposed to using a backlight on a regular LCD display.

Like LG or Sony, Panasonic is looking to OLED panels for its premium TVs, making use of the deeper black levels of this technology and enhanced contrast for a richer picture.

An identical is actually used by three of its four OLED models Panel, but change the speakers using some to be able to offer you a audio performance ditching a form factor. (The upward-firing speakers running the rear of this GZ2000 resemble something of a chimney.)

Each the new OLED TVs feature an upgraded HCX PRO Intelligent Processor employed in 2018’s OLEDs. With precisely the same manufacturer — LG — the means by which technically producing each OLED panel the images are processed is now a significant way for producers to differentiate their premium collections from the competition.

Panasonic States the HCX chip offers great high quality thanks to its’Dynamic LUT’ (or look-up table) system. This tracks the brightness of each scene in a film to deliver the very best color accuracy.

Panasonic is also Making a lot of its links to Hollywood production studios, together with the flagship GZ2000 momodelseaturing colour correction Stefan Sonnenfeld.

Producers are increasingly forced to encourage the various HDR formats out there, and Panasonic isareushing outside the boat. Each of the OLED sets this year (and some LCD) include voice controls through Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, Dolby Atmos audio, support for Dolby Vision and HDR10+ video formats.

Panasonic can also be headquartered in Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) broadcasts (which are coded in both SDR and HDR) and the very distinct HLG photograph format (for showing Lumix camera stills on Panasonic 4K TVs).

Compare that to last year’s OLEDs from Panasonic — FZ950 and FZ800 — neither of which affirmed Dolby Vision, even as Panasonic brings the enhanced HDR format to more of its 4K Blu-ray players.

Panasonic OLED TVs 2019

GZ2000 OLED (accessible 55, 65 inches): The Earliest TV announcement of 2019, the GZ2000 is Panasonic’s top-range 4K OLED, building on technician from the past year’s FZ800/FZ950 collections and new HCX Pro chip. It features color tuning in the top Hollywood colorist for”unparalleled color precision”, along with a complete load of video and audio formats supported — and upward-firing speakers tuned by Technics. Scheduled for release in July.

GZ1500 OLED (accessible 55, 65 inches): Second in line. Unlike the GZ2000’s convention panel, this collection gets front-firing Dolby Atmos speakers to get a few high quality sound, and a OLED screen also found from GZ950 and the GZ1000. Scheduled for launch in June.

GZ1000 / GZ950 OLED (accessible 55, 65 inches): Same Panel as above, with 50W speakers built into the trunk rather than facing the viewer – and likely to be more economical because of it. The GZ950 and GZ1000 models differ just in the stands, with the former featuring a cylindrical pole along with the latter with an abysmal support.

Panasonic 4K HDR TVs 2019

GX920 / GX940 4K HDR LED (available in 75 inches): The only LED set packing in the new HCX Pro processor, and available only in 75 inches for all those following a truly big picture. The only size might seem limiting, but Panasonic is expecting most people after a top notch TV to make the move to OLED. GX920 in the UK, GX940 in the EU and Canada, and scheduled for launch in May.

GX800 LED (available in 40, 50, 59, 65 inches): The following set down sticks together with the HCX chip employed in the past year’s OLED selection, and offers a large selection of sizes. Comes with the exact same Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision, HLG and HDR service as greater versions, even at its lowest 40-inch size.

GX700 LED (available in 40, 50, 58, 65 inches): A 4K HDR tv with no whistles and bells — meaning that you will not obtain support for Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision, the likes of Alexa and Google Assistant, or even the more innovative Home Screen 4.0 smart port. Anticipate a sharp price fall from the GX800, and a launch date around June.

GX560 LED (available in 65 inches): One of the more basic smart TVs on the lineup, though you still get access to Freeview Play and other streaming catchup services. Scheduled for release in June.

GX550 LED (accessible 43, 49, 55 inches): Same kind of 4K entry point as previously. Scheduled for release in June.

Panasonic Total HD TVs 2019

GS352 LED (available in 32, 43 inches): Do not need Or desire 4K Ultra HD resolution? Panasonic can also be releasing a couple 1080p Smart TVs in streamlined, functional sizes. Anticipate support for HDR10, HLG, and not elsewhere. Scheduled for launch in April.

G302 LED (accessible 24, 32, 43 inches): The only’dumb’ TV on this list, the G302 is an HD set without internet connectivity, and therefore will come with Freeview HD for TV viewing rather than the online catch-up service Freeview Play. Scheduled for release in July.

Check back frequently to see the latest Panasonic TVs As they’re declared. Meanwhile, why not see our TV buying guide movie below?

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