Anthem: Update News, DLC, Tips, Patch Notes

Is this an anthem still worth singing?

Anthem, BioWare’s cooperative, team-based Shot is a change of pace For those manufacturers of Dragon Age and Mass Impact. Having a focus on cooperative PvE combat popularized by the likes of Destiny, it landed amid a swirl of hype and expectation, which it has so far failed to fulfill.

Anthem Has a big challenge in front of it then — with disagreements that its endgame content is weak, its loot system broken and its narrative not up to scratch compared to preceding narrative-driven BioWare RPGs, it’s fighting to win the hearts of those who were initially in awe of its promise.

With EA backing it and BioWare’s legacy at its heart, There’s hope yet that Anthem is going to be redeemed. It is being touted as a”living” match after all — one which will evolve over time to keep its fans entranced long after launching — along with the likes of behemoths such as Destiny and Fortnite all went through rough launches before getting gaming juggernauts.

With a sizable upgrade just having acquired — in the form of Anthem Cataclysm — it’s unlikely we’ll find any huge news in Gamescom 2019, but EA could certainly surprise us.

So What is the Anthem news? When’s the next update? And what does the future hold for Anthem? Continue reading for all you want to learn about the Iron Man simulator.

“It is a sport of oxymorons and inconsistencies. The story is designed To be single-player however, the game is clearly not. The gameplay is a complete pleasure but is stifled from the repetitive nature of the end-game. The character animations are really sublime, but most of the characters themselves are cliché and predictable.

“Anthem is a fun sport, and A stunningly pretty one, but with flaws in nearly every other element of its layout. It will improve with patches, updates, and a solid community, however it is not a particularly strong foundation. That is less an anthem, and more an annoying earworm…”

Anthem review: Have a look at our complete, comprehensive verdict in our full review Anthem update news and Anthem patch notes
Anthem upgrade news and Anthem patch notes
What’s new? Cataclysm is currently live

It’s finally here! Following months of delays, Anthem’s Cataclysm event is now live on all platforms.

The Fresh season-long occasion brings with it a bunch of new features such as new enemies, rewards, in-game money, story missions and much more.

Here’s EA’s explanation of the Cataclysm event:

“The Individuals of Bastion have much to fear — malevolent creatures roaming the wilds, fanatical Dominion forces testing their strength and fortitude — nothing inspires as much dread and dread as a Cataclysm. They’re one of the most destructive and chaotic indications of this Anthem — leaving death and devastation in their wake. And now, Freelancer, it’s your turn to face the madness head on and do your best to finish it.”

Basically it seems like we are going to be entering a chaotic, black portal of departure. Sounds good.

Cataclysm and arenas
First things first, you do not have to be a particular degree to jump to the brand new Cataclysm map region.

To Input the Cataclysm, you pick the’Cataclysm’ choice from the Game Modes menu and wallah! You are to be in the swirly region of potential death. EA warns that it is probably not a great idea to immediately begin exploring as the storm will damage your javelin when you’re out inside. Alternatively, you need to look to close rifts inside the arenas that are brand new.

Arenas are scattered throughout Cataclysm, should you shut the rifts Inside them then you will have the ability to”locate temporary shelter from the storm, finish tasks, increase accessible mission time, and take part in battle for loot, in-game currency, and scoring chances”. Sounds like the choice.

But you’ll also be able to take part in Cataclysm occasions in Freeplay mode. There are chunks of light in the sky called Storm Gates, when these open you can fly and complete the objectives within before time runs out to earn rewards. The upper right corner of your display will inform you how long you have to wait till it opens.

In-game war and currency chests
Cataclysm brings with it a fresh in-game currency in the form of Major Crystals and Minor Crystals. These could be earned and spent during the event.

According To EA, Major Crystals are primarily given out as mission and challenge rewards while Minor Crystals is earned through playing. Minor Crystals may be used to purchase Major Crystals, war torso or vanity items. But, what is in a war chest? Each of Cataclysm’s non-vanity items apparently.

This brand new in-game money can be spent at Head Herschel’s Hut in the Fort Tarsis marketplace.

Enemies, rewards and scoring
Bored of Anthem’s enemies? Well, you’re in luck. There is a lot of new enemies to help keep you on your toes, such as Bristlebacks and Dominion Crystal Troopers.

Tired of the grunts? Subsequently take on Vara, Cataclysm’s large bad who controls an army of Valkyries.

There is Also new benefits in the shape of fresh Masterwork and Legendary melee items, support, gear, weapons and some exclusive cosmetics. You will also receive another melee slot.

If you are all about the score, Then be aware that the best way to make points in a Cataclysm run is by way of carrying out enemies, gathering items, and completing puzzles and goals. You also get points for spending some time at the storm, but remember it hurts.

Pointing scoring is more important than ever (for the competitive among us) due to the introduction of a worldwide leaderboard that allows you find the highest score you’ve earned during the Cataclysm and the way you rank against the whole player base.

In the end, there are three new story missions for you to sink your teeth into.

The First sees you exploring a Dominion link to the storm, the second has you teaming up with other people to capture an old enemy, and the last mission will see you quitting the Catclysm itself. Hopefully…
Anthem tips and tricks guides

Anthem Is a game. With four classes to learn, a whole lot of loot to uncover and large world to explore, it could be daunting for a novice, and difficult for even a long term player to master.

Get ahead of The pack with our selection of Anthem guides, designed to help you get your Iron Man-like Javelin suit fighting match when possible.

  • Greatest firearms in Anthem: how to construct the strongest loadout
  • Greatest Anthem Javelin: which is the class best suited to you
  • Greatest Anthem equipment : the best way to personalize your Javelin’s construct
  • The best way to earn money at Anthem: your guide to making shards and coins

Anthem DLC — what is next?

Anthem Is a continuous project at EA and BioWare, a sport which both firms expect to encourage for several decades, using a player base that can grow and evolve along with the game.

How do both teams aspire to achieve this? Through routine content Drops, that is how. As pictured above, EA and BioWare had mapped out the”continuing narrative of Anthem”, together with upgrades mapped out until May 2019 — but things haven’t exactly gone to plan.

This First”Act” is known as”Echoes of Eternity”, which was initially scheduled for March 2019 introducing the”Evolving World” chapter, April 2019 that the”Stronger Together” chapter and May 2019 bringing the ominous sounding”Cataclysm” chapter. As stated previously, BioWare is to reach its own roadmap. So we are not quite certain when these updates will arrive.

Evolving World will focus on conflicts with huge bosses for example Titans of War, Ruin, Bane and Havoc in freeplay mode, in addition to new Legendary missions along with also a Scar Infestation freeplay occasion.

Stronger Together will enlarge the endgame with a fresh Mastery System for the skill tree progression, in addition to host of new freeplay events, more mythical missions, a fresh Stronghold called”The Sunken” (that will have its own weekly challenge) in addition to the debut of leaderboards and guilds.

Cataclysm Came in August despite being nominated for a May release. By this logic, BioWare is operating roughly 3 months behind its roadmap.

But what about compensated DLC? EA has yet to declare It’s mid-to-long term plans for Anthem. We would expect it will follow a similar path as Destiny, which had a continuing supply of small improvements and features added, interspersed with larger paid-for DLC packs, even before an eventual sequel.

That is, of course Can establish its staying power… Here is hoping — there is a gem in the Heart of Anthem, waiting to be dug out. We are hopeful that we will one day Be playing Anthem.

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