Destiny 2 roadmap Recently Update 2.5.2: changes to Lord of Wolves

A nerf to Lord of Wolves and changes to Tribute Hall, Iron Banner, and others.

Perhaps it’s related to Bungie’s newfound different standing, but this year that the Seattle studio has become more communicative than ever with Destiny 2’s playerbase. Crucial to the information flow is that the Destiny two roadmap it published at the start of 2019, updated several times since, which laid three’seasons’ of annual pass material, plus more than half of a year’s worth of free upgrades and features.

This roadmap is now almost done. It’ll be followed by the launching of Destiny two’s next major expansion, Shadowkeep, on October 1. That DLC will bring new exotics, a new raid, as well as the new armor 2.0 system. Additionally, it marks the beginning of another year of content, though this time expansions can be bought a la carte.

At precisely the same time Bungie will also release Destiny 2 New Light, the free-to-play version of the game that contains all the material released in its first calendar year.

The delay to Shadowkeep out of its first September 17 release date means that players will have a bit more time to get their guardians (and, crucially, vaults) in order. Here we breakdown what is coming from the week’s, and take a look at the patch notes in the latest upgrade: 2.5.2.
Destiny 2 update roadmap

Other than the imminent coming of Shadowkeep, there is still content in the pipeline for Destiny 2. New vanity rewards, fresh triumphs and lore publications, new rank rewards, and many others continue to be ahead.

Bungie has also released a short term roadmap for what’s coming into Destiny through September, at the leadup to its next expansion, so let’s take a better look at this.
What’s coming in the short term?

The Solstice of Heroes occasion, which rewards a few special Solstice armor, lasts until August 27th, and that will be followed with an Iron Banner event immediately. The following Destiny 2 update should hit then, between September 3rd and 10th, along with some kind of public event.

Next up is an infamy increase, lasting the week of September 10th to the 17th, followed closely by yet another Iron Banner event from the 17th to 24th of September.

Last on the forecast before Shadowkeep’s new release date is a Mayhem event from the 24th to the 1st of October, giving a boost to both infamy and valor earned.
Destiny 2 update 2.5.2 patch notes: SandboxWeapons

Lord of Wolves

Decreased the amount of ammo which Shotgun Scavenger perks can contribute to Lord of Wolves as it’s in the Release that the Wolves state
Reduced the powerful range on Lord Wolves
This reduction is more competitive when the weapon is in the Release the Wolves state

Fixed a problem that allowed the Feeding Frenzy perk to be applied to any weapon

Fixed a problem where the fabric component of this Iron Symmachy Cloak wasn’t rendering correctly
Fixed a problem where the fabric Part of this Terra Concord Mark was not rendering correctly
Fixed a bug in which the Titan Exotic leg armor Peregrine Greaves glowed 130x too bright when wearers were at highest velocity
Destiny 2 upgrade 2.5.2 patch notes: InvestmentTribute Hall

The Tribute Hall Triumphs”The Emperor’s Gladiator” and”The Scoundrel in Uniform” no more require you to equip a full set of Leviathan gear to advance
Players will now earn more points based on the number of equipment pieces worn, like other Triumphs

Players will no more be able to place the Tribute Hall introductory tribute on another personality to gain credit for a large number of tributes placed
Players who accessed the catalyst or emote rewards through this method will have these things locked until they place enough unique tributes to meet the True unlock demands
Iron Banner

Iron Banners pursuit objective values have been corrected
Decreased the grenade kills demanded by 50%
Ally noodle kills are now worth as much as your own
Reduced the Sword kills demanded by 25%
Ally Sword kills are now worth up to your own

Fixed an issue where players were unable to equip Season 3 Iron Candles decorations on their Season 7 armor
The Wolf’s Favor will no longer drop out of daily and weekly Iron Banner challenges
Fixed a problem where the Triumph”Efrideet’s Gift” wasn’t unlocking for players who made enough Iron Banner rank-up packages during Season 7
This fix is retroactive; it will get players up to speed who have fulfilled the requirements
Menagerie / Chalice

Heroic Menagerie now drops a Sword for first time completion (100 percent )
Subsequent completions have a moderate Opportunity to drop a Sword (25%)

Fixed a problem in which the Triumph”Drink Deep” wouldn’t unlock to get some players that maintained the Masterwork slot on the Chalice of Opulence
Fixed an issue where players could become stuck in the Season of Opulence intro quest by unlocking the initial rune slot on the Chalice before finishing the Lost Sector The Conflux and being around the Right pursuit step
Imperials and runes can no longer be got by idling through matches of Crucible and Gambit
Truth Quest

Replaced the step of the Truth pursuit series necessitating the bounty”Corsair Down” with a measure requiring completion of 3 patrols in the Dreaming City

Fixed a bug where players can become obstructed from earning Truth when they started the Ascendant chest in the attack”Warden of Nothing” before being on the Suitable quest step

Fixed an issue where completion notifications would not appear after players finished bounties
This will also fix an issue where players would occasionally not spawn during a Crucible match


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