Microsoft says People Might be listening to a Skype calls

They could also be listening to conversations with virtual assistant Cortana

Microsoft has shown that individuals could be listening to”brief snippets” of voice conversations on its own sound services like Skype and digital assistant Cortana, ” reported Wednesday. Microsoft confirmed the report saying the disclosure came in an upgrade to its privacy statement.

The news is a week after Motherboard reported that Microsoft builders listen to recordings of some Skype discussions And a few interactions with Cortana. Additionally, it follows similar revelations about other big tech firms and their audio services. This month, Apple, Google and Amazon all suspended human inspection of user sound records, and Facebook followed suit last week.

“We Realized, according to questions raised lately, that we can do a much better job demonstrating that people sometimes review this material,” a Microsoft spokesperson said in an emailed statement. “We have upgraded our privacy statement and product FAQs to include more clarity and will continue to examine further opportunities to enhance.”

Microsoft’s privacy statement says human review is utilized to help build, train and improve the validity of its artificial intelligence systems.

“Our processing personal data for these purposes includes both automatic and manual (human) methods,” Microsoft’s privacy Policy claims. “We review brief snippets of a small sampling of voice data, we have taken measures to de-identify to boost our language services, such as translation and recognition.”

The Spokesperson stated Microsoft consistently functions to”de-identify the content offered to sellers,” as well as requiring them to sign non-disclosure agreements.

“[We] need that handling of the data be held to The highest privacy standards set out in European law,” the Microsoft spokesperson added.

Motherboard Wednesday afternoon, added that Microsoft review contractors are paid between $12 and $14 an Hour for the job, and transcribe around 200 audio clips each hour. This could consist of hearing”personal and sensitive data” via Cortana recordings, Motherboard reported.

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